5 More Tips for an Easy Move

Last Updated on: 12th October 2023, 01:46 pm

Everyone wants to have an easier experience moving, and we are no strangers to the stress of moving day! Whether you’re hiring movers to help you transport all of your belongings, or you’ve bribed your nicest friends and family members to help you on your big day, here are a few more of our favorite tips to help you have an easy move and a smooth transition!

Try a greener move


If it’s possible and not entirely inconvenient, you may want to consider opting for reusable plastic bins for storing items to be moved, instead of using boxes. And when boxes are necessary, make sure that you recycle the boxes after your move, instead of throwing them out. Even better, see if you can use old boxes from your friends, to try and reduce waste.


Label everything


This may seem like an unnecessary task, but when you’re trying to figure out what box has your sheets in it because you just desperately want to go to bed after a long day of moving, you’ll wish that you had labeled all of your boxes. It doesn’t have to be anything extensive, just label what room each box should go in. This also helps your movers know where to put things when they walk into your new home.


Don’t pack in trash bags


Trust us on this one. An unknowing friend or family member try to help you and take out the trash. Just trust us on this one, and stick to boxes.


Set up your utilities


Make sure that your utilities are set up and moved to your name before your move, to ensure that you have electricity and hot water when you move in. This just takes a few quick phone calls, but it’s worth doing a few weeks before you move.


Have new furniture shipped to your new address


If you’re ordering new appliances or furniture, contact the company and see if you can delay the delivery to arrive at your new address on the day you move in instead of shipping it to your current address. If you’ll be paying for shipping or a delivery, this is ideal so you don’t have to pay to have them shipped or moved twice. This just means you have less things you have to move with you, and you can have a few things ready and set up before you get around to unpacking all of your boxes.


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