5 Things You Should Ditch when You Move

Last Updated on: 12th October 2023, 01:49 pm

Many of us take a good inventory of our belongings before a major move and pare down our possessions as much as possible, but even then, sometimes we plan on moving with things that should really be left behind. Because sometimes it’s more practical to part with certain items than it is to keep them during a major move, here is a look at five things you should plan on ditching the next time you move.

Thrifted furniture

How much did you pay for that old couch that you’re planning to haul? If you bought a sofa on Craigslist for $50, for example, and you aren’t particularly attached to it, why put all of that effort into moving it? Consider selling it instead and then finding something new when you arrive at your new home. When you take these types of furniture items out of the equation, you may find that moving becomes much more manageable. So when it comes to thrifted furniture, don’t bother keeping it—unless you put a great deal of work into restoring it or it has particular sentimental value to you.


The majority of us don’t invest a great deal in the frames that we use for our artwork and photos—especially when it comes to those larger frames that can get expensive very quickly. If this describes your frames, consider selling your frames and buying new ones at your new destination. The reason? First, frames—especially large ones—can be very difficult to keep intact. You might try moving a frame only to find that it’s broken when you reach your new home. Second, frames are rather bulky and make moving your artwork much more difficult; a flat portfolio or heavy duty poster tube is much more convenient to move. And third, you may find upon getting to your new home that your old frames aren’t suitable for your new home’s interior.

Old towels and linens

Take another look at your linen closet before packing up to move. Would now be a good time to invest in new towels and bed linens? These are items that people don’t replace as frequently as is ideal, so consider making this move an opportunity to invest in new things. And you don’t need to go overboard, either—most people can thrive on just two bath towels and two sets of sheets per bed.

DVDs and CDs (or at least the cases)

Now is a good time to try going digital when it comes to your DVDs and CDs. After all, laptops seem to be losing their disc drives, and streaming media is becoming more and more the norm. Consider uploading any CDs and any digital copies of your DVDs to your computer, and then ditching the discs. (You might even sell your old DVDs for a few bucks each on Ebay for some extra cash.) If you’re not quite ready to part with certain discs, consider keeping them in a travel case and ditching the cases.

Craft Supplies

Many of us keep a stash of craft supplies on hand “just in case,” but when was the last time you really used that pack of felt or those styrofoam letters? Use this move as an opportunity to clean out your craft closet. You’ll end up having to move a few less boxes!


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