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Salt Lake City Skyline and Capitol Building

Best Salt Lake City Neighborhoods – The Ultimate Guide

Are you looking for the best Salt Lake City neighborhood? That’s good, because one of the most important questions about making a move to a new city is where, exactly, you should live. In Salt Lake City, there are tons of great neighborhoods to check out, each with a different price point, pros and cons, and resident lifestyle.To help make your decision easier, we’ve put together this guide to our favorite Salt Lake City neighborhoods. Whether you’re a renter or homeowner, a young professional or a family with kids, there’s a neighborhood for everyone in Salt Lake City.

Sugar House

Nestled at the foot of the Wasatch mountains lies one of Salt Lake City’s oldest and best neighborhoods! Named after the sugar beets harvested here by pioneers in the 1800s, Sugar House is a great choice for families and young professionals, alike. The area has a cool, vintage feeling, and is all about supporting small businesses, especially the tons of family-owned shops and restaurants in the center of the neighborhood. But if you’d rather stroll through nature than through shops, you can get just what you need in Sugar House Park, which spans 110 acres and offers plenty of trails for outdoors enthusiasts.

9th and 9th

Neighborhood in Salt Lake City with apartment buildings

If you travel nine blocks east of the Temple, and then another nine blocks south, you’ll hit 9th and 9th, arguably the most hip neighborhood in Salt Lake City. Settled in downtown, this neighborhood has many renters, but the community feel here is as strong as any other neighborhood. If you visit in September, you’ll get what we mean! That’s when the community comes together to throw the 9th and 9th Street Festival, an event featuring local food, drink and music, put on “by neighbors, for neighbors.”

Living in 9th and 9th has an extra benefit! Being so central to the city means easy access to hundreds of shops and restaurants, and any events that come into town– plus a quick commute to work. But the neighborhood is also located just next to Liberty Park, the oldest park in the downtown area, which covers 100 acres and offers a quick escape for 9th and 9th residents.

The Avenues

Looking for the only lettered streets in Utah? If you’re in the Avenues (“the Aves” to locals), you’ve found them! The Avenues are so named because they were changed from “streets” to “avenues” to avoid confusion with other areas of the city. The streets here are also narrower and a bit steeper than the rest of Salt Lake City, giving the first official neighborhood in the city a unique look.

One great aspect of the Avenues is its diversity, both in housing options and residents! On some blocks, you’ll see apartment complexes packed closely together, but as you go further out, these are replaced by sprawling mansions. Because of its proximity to the University, lots of students call the Aves home, along with young professionals, couples and families. If you want to get to know the people of the Avenues, we recommend stopping by the Avenues Proper, the neighborhood pub that the locals all love.

East Bench

Luxury House with three-car garage

East Bench is among the most affluent neighborhoods in Salt Lake City, so you may want to check the cost of living before setting your heart on moving here! Many of the houses in East Bench sell for $500,000 or more, but for residents, the price is worth it; most families who do settle here, are here to stay.

You might not even realize you’re so close to the city when you’re in East Bench. You’ll notice there aren’t any buses coming through. This is on purpose– the neighborhood is meant to be an escape from the hustle and bustle of downtown. Still, commuters will have an easy time getting to work; downtown is just an 18 minute drive. If you’re looking for a quaint Salt Lake City neighborhood where you can “get away,” East Bench might be the place for you!

Central City

If you walk from downtown to the University of Utah, you’re likely walking through Central City! This is one of the best places to live in Salt Lake City for young people– close to school and work opportunities, with slightly lower rents than Downtown. Plus, if your dog is your “baby,” you’ll love the off-leash park right in the middle of Central City.

Central City is also near Liberty Park, making it a great place who want the downtown vibe, but still be a few feet from natural Utah beauty. There are also lots of historic sites in this area of Salt Lake City, like Trolley Square and Library Square, which is, of course, right in front of the Salt Lake City Public Library. Plus, you won’t need your car to get around Central City– the area is highly walkable, and has regular buses to get to other parts of downtown.

Wasatch Hollow

Named after the mountains that surround Salt Lake City, Wasatch Hollow is a great choice for couples and young families. It’s located in the 15th and 15th business district, southeast of the Temple, so you’ll sometimes hear people refer to the neighborhood as 15th and 15th! This district is also home to some of Salt Lake City’s best restaurants, so if you’re a foodie, you might want to check this Salt Lake City neighborhood out.

Houses in Wasatch Hollow are more affordable than areas like East Bench, often selling for between $300,000-$400,000. There are some renters here, though the rest is more expensive than other neighborhoods in the city. Overall, it’s a one of the safest Salt Lake City neighborhoods, family-friendly and calm, but still close enough to the action for working moms and dads to have an easy commute.

Capitol Hill/Marmalade

The Utah Capitol Building in Salt Lake City

Capitol Hill is named for the Utah State Capitol Building, which it overlooks. Marmalade is named after the old process of jarring jams made from fruits– you’ll even notice streets named after the fruits that used to grow here. Though Capitol Hill and Marmalade are sometimes considered two neighborhoods, they are right next door to one another, and often go hand in hand.

This area is one for the best places to live in Salt Lake City if you love Victorian and Gothic house styles. Plus, the slopes of Capitol Hill mean that from your gorgeous new home’s porch, you’ll get a stunning view of the whole city. Marmalade is also home to Utah’s “hottest” gay club, and the district is known for its loud, proud LGBTQ+ residents. Folks here are friendly, welcoming, and love to have a good time.

More Salt Lake City Neighborhoods

We’ve talked about our favorite neighborhoods in Salt Lake City, but don’t forget, there are plenty more to choose from! A few more fan favorites are Downtown, Rose Park, Yalecrest and Glendale. When you’re choosing a neighborhood in Salt Lake, be sure to do your research! You’ll want to take into account the housing prices, transportation options, crime rates, school systems, and the physical location or proximity to the downtown. All of these can impact the neighborhood lifestyle, and considering these factors will help you find the perfect fit.

Which Salt Lake City Neighborhood is Right for You?

Did we make your decision a little easier? We hope so! No matter what neighborhood in Salt Lake City, rest assured, this city is ready to welcome you with open arms! Want to learn more about what it’s like to live in Salt Lake City? Take a dive into our complete city guide to living in Salt Lake City!

Also, now that you’ve chosen your new hometown, it’s time to choose a Salt Lake City local moving company. Remember, the wrong moving company can make moving a nightmare, while the right one can make it a dream! Here at Wasatch Moving Company, our goal is to eliminate your stress, so you can focus on your new home. So if you’d like to ask us any questions, or get a free moving estimate, give us a call at (801) 758-0030!


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