Changing Your Address in Utah

Changing Your Address in Utah | The Complete Guide

Last Updated on: 12th August 2021, 02:15 pm

Moving to a new home can be an exciting change at any stage of life. From meeting new friends to discovering new things to do and places to eat, there are many enjoyable aspects to getting into a new home. Unfortunately, there are also a number of new tasks that you will need to do to complete your move.

One of the important steps after any transition is completing a change of address in Utah. When you have a new home, your utility bills, DMV records, and bank accounts will all need to be updated. You also need to update your subscriptions, insurance, and basic tax information.

While changing all of these details can cause quite a headache, getting an address change in Utah doesn’t have to be a complicated challenge. Luckily, you can do many of these address updates online. With a little planning, you can make your move and address changes as easy as possible.

Make sure you complete these address changes quickly as possible, as any delay can have negative effects on your mail and other essential services. Let’s take a look at the most important steps of changing your address in Utah.

Post Office

Your first stop for a change of address in Utah should be the post office. By getting this completed, you ensure all your mail can be forwarded to your new location if you forget to change your address details with another service.

Change of address USPS

Luckily, changing your address with the post office is incredibly easy. Head to to quickly update your new address. If you change your address online, it only costs $1. You will be required to use your debit or credit card for the fee, so the USPS can verify your identity.

If you prefer to do your address change in person, head over to your local post office and ask them for a packet called Mover’s Guide. Within this packet, you will find PS Form 3575. Simply fill out all the information and then return it to your local post office.

Within five business days, you should get a confirmation letter from the post office confirming your Utah address change.

As you receive forward pieces of mail with your old address, keep track of the company or agency the mail came from. Then, you can determine how to change your information with them as well. The forwarding process can cause extended delays in receiving your mail, so you’ll want to get everything switched over quickly as possible.

Also, USPS will only forward your mail for a set amount of time (about 12 months), so you need to stay on top of your change of address in Utah if you want to continue receiving all of your mail.

Now, it’s time time to change your address with other agencies like the DMV.

Utah DMV

A Utah DMV change of address can be done either online or in person. You need to update your DMV records because your driver’s license, and other auto documents are generally mailed to you. In addition, the state needs to have an accurate address on file for your identification.

Change address with DMV

For a Utah driver’s license address change online, you just have to go to the Driver’s License Renewal page. This page allows you to change your address or renew your driver’s license and state ID. You can also update the address for your car registration and title through the Utah Motor Vehicle Portal.

If you need replacement documents, you can expect to pay the following fees:

  • Driver’s license: $23
  • Identification card: $23
  • Certificate of title: $6
  • Vehicle registration: $4

For an in-person Utah driver’s license address change, head to a DPS office. You can also update your registration or title via phone by calling (801) 297-7780 or toll free at (800) 368-8824.

Tax Agencies

In most cases, you can simply use your new address the next time you file taxes. The only time you need to immediately update your address with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is if you are expecting mail or a tax refund from the agency. If you are changing your address on your upcoming taxes, all you have to do is use your new address in the address box on your tax return next time.

If you are expecting mail from the IRS, update your address right away. You can tell the IRS in person or via telephone, though you can expect hefty wait times all year round. To verify your identity, make sure you have your social security card, EIN, ITN, address, photo ID, and date of birth ready.

Another option is to send a signed, written statement to the last address you mailed your tax return to. This written statement needs to include your old address, new address, and full name. It also needs to include your ITIN, EIN or social security number.


When you prepare to move, ask your current utility company to do a final reading for your electricity, gas, and water meters. Then, make sure you retain a copy of the final report or bill. Ensure you also give the utility companies your forwarding address so that you don’t get surprised later on with late fees.

Change address with utilities

At your new location, contact the city or town utilities in charge of your new service and start your account. For internet and phone services, call or go online to determine whether you new home has the same service as your current location. Many of them can simply transfer your services, with little no lapse in usability. These utility address updates generally come with initial service fees, so you’ll want to prepare for this as part of your change of address in Utah.


You’ll also need to update your address for car and homeowners insurance right away to confirm your bills arrive at the right location. In addition, your insurance company may need to change your current premium based on the new address. Insurance rates vary from state to state based on weather, traffic, and local laws.

For most insurance companies, you merely have to go online or call your representative to quickly update your address and other details.


The easiest way to change your address with your bank is by going straight to their website. Most banks and investment accounts offer a quick, easy way to change your profile details online. If you have trouble figuring out where to update everything, try calling the customer service center and request an address change.

If your bank has a branch located near you, you can also go in to update your information. Bring your identification and any cards associated with the account as they will need to verify your identity before updating your address.


When changing your address in Utah, you’ll also want to be mindful of any subscription services you receive. Magazines, subscription boxes, and similar things are often able to be updated online. For example, programs like Stitch Fix, Birchbox, and Blue Apron allow you to manage your delivery information and address under account settings.

Update magazine subscriptions

Some magazines and subscriptions may require you to call their office or send an email to update your address. If you receive a magazine like The Atlantic, you can email customer service for help or manage your subscription through their online portal. Make sure your USPS address is updated so that any subscriptions will still be forwarded to your new home if you forget to update that information.

Family & Friends

Whether you are expecting Christmas cards or birthday presents, family and friends need to know your new address before you move as well. The easiest way is to email or send out a Facebook notification to loved ones who may need the new address. This simple option only takes a moment and allows you to instantly update everyone you know about your move.

For those who like to be a bit more creative, you can also send out little cards to tell everyone about your move using your new address. If you have a housewarming party, create a fun gift like a notebook or post-it notes that have your address printed on the top. You could also use Vistaprint to create a small card with a picture of your new home and updated contact information.

Prepare for Changing Your Address in Utah

With a little legwork, you can quickly get a change of address in Utah. Plan ahead for the address change, so you don’t miss out on any important bills or statements. The last thing you want is a bad mark on your credit history because you never received a utility bill or credit card statement.

Once again, to make your move as easy as possible, update your address with USPS first. That way, all your mail will still be forwarded to your new location if you forget something. With a bit of planning and foresight, you can make sure all of your information is accurate and ready for your big move.

Of course, before you change your address, you’ll also have to go through the moving process. If you need help with an upcoming move, be sure to contact us here at Wasatch Moving Company. We can provide you with a free quote online or over the phone at (801) 335-5603.


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