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Living in Cherry Creek – Denver | 🏡 ULTIMATE Moving to Cherry Creek Guide

Located right in the geographic center of Denver, Cherry Creek, named for the creek that bounds it to the south and drew settlers to the plateau in the first place, is among the most desirable and affluent of Denver’s neighborhoods and is home to 12,601 people. Cherry Creek is known for its major commercial centers, most notable of which being the Cherry Creek North market area, as well as being home to a mix of many newer and older homes. If you’re looking for only the very best and most beautiful of Denver’s many neighborhoods and communities, look no further than Cherry Creek!

Cherry Creek, CO History

Cherry Creek’ history is tied, as one might imagine, very closely with the history of the city of Denver. As previously stated, Cherry Creek takes its name from the prominent creek that runs through Denver and marks the neighborhood’s southernmost border. The creek is known to harbor crayfish, which some residents catch and eat, and more famously was also known to harbor gold, which caused a peak in visitors to the area during the Pike’s Peak Gold Rush, all looking to make their fortune by finding the ever elusive mineral. These visitors would form Montana City, a historic settlement which would eventually evolve into the city of Denver.

The entire city of Denver was involved in the turbulence and corruption of the late 19th century, which saw crime bosses and corrupt officials rigging elections and generally driving the city into economic depression, nearly killing Denver for good. However, the early 20th century brought prosperity back to the city with the bustling floriculture industry, otherwise known as the Carnation Gold Rush, as well as the founding of the Colburn Automobile Company in the Cherry Creek area, which caused the city and neighborhood to prosper. Today, Cherry Creek is still where the upper crust conducts their business.

Cherry Creek, CO Location & Transportation

Cherry Creek is located right in Denver’s geographic center, bounded to the south by the actual Cherry Creek, to the north by East Sixth Avenue, University Boulevard to the west, and Colorado Boulevard to the east. Prospective residents should be advised that since Cherry Creek, the creek, extends throughout a significant portion of Denver, not just Cherry Creek, the neighborhood, many places and establishments bear “Cherry Creek” in their names while not actually being located in this neighborhood.

Cherry Creek is among the easiest neighborhoods to access in the city, which comes with the territory of being its geographic center. The community is serviced by four major Denver traffic routes, being East First Avenue, University and Colorado Boulevard, and East Seventh Avenue Parkway. All of these routes connect to the plethora of highways in the city seamlessly.

Cherry Creek’s single zip code is 80206, which also includes other affluent communities like Cheesman Park and Congress Park. Getting to Denver’s commercial district from Cherry Creek takes no time at all, only being 3.7 miles away.

People, Lifestyle, and Culture of Cherry Creek, CO

Cherry Creek is home to 12,601 people. Of those people, 76% are White, 10% are Asian, and 4% are hispanic. There is also a very small African-American community, being 2% of Cherry Creek’s population. Around 16% of Cherry Creek’s population is foreign born, with the three most common countries of origin being Mexico, India, and Vietnam.

If you’re looking into Cherry Creek, you likely already know it’s among the most affluent of Denver’s communities. The neighborhood even has the most expensive rents in Colorado, as the Denverite reports. However, that cost is reflected by Cherry Creek’s class, culture, and potential, which is unmatched by any other neighborhood in the city. Alongside its variety of beautiful homes and nearby commercial sectors, new developments are always going up around here, and you can expect those looking for the elite life to always be moving in.

Those thinking about moving to this neighborhood should know that, compared to the rest of Denver, Cherry Creek is a safe place to live. Both violent and property crime are well below the Colorado averages, according to Bestplaces. The violent crime index here is 11.4, as compared to Colorado’s of 21.6, while the property crime index is 30.7, as compared to 39.7.

What to Eat, Do, and Shop in Cherry Creek, CO

Cherry Creek has two major commercial centers, the first being the Cherry Creek Shopping Center (or Cherry Creek Mall), located by East Sixth Avenue, and the second being Cherry Creek North, on Cherry Creek’s western side. With both of these stunningly beautiful upscale commercial districts within the same neighborhood, you’ll find that finding wonderful shopping opportunities has never been easier. Many people come from all over Denver for the opportunity to shop in one of these luxury centers, so having easy access to both makes Cherry Creek highly desirable for many.

Cherry Creek is also a very artsy neighborhood. The Cherry Creek Arts Festival is hosted annually in the area, and there are a multitude of art galleries, like Saks and the Cherry Creek Art Gallery, to keep the artist in you alive.

Cherry Creek Shopping Center and Cherry Creek North both bring in people from all over, and if you’re looking for something to do in the neighborhood, it’ll likely be there. However, there’s more to life than just shopping. Many locals prefer the local Cherry Creek Park, which has a beautiful view over Denver’s most valued and beloved body of water, for a nice and relaxing day out with your family. Locals also love the many bike trails and paths that help them locomote emission-free around the neighborhood. Try the popular 40-mile Cherry Creek Trail for a fun day of biking.

Looking for some good eats while living in Cherry Creek? Chief among local favorites is the Cherry Cricket, an icon of Cherry Creek’s food scene, with a unique “build-your-own-burger” approach, as well as a plethora of drinks and appetizers that are sure to please any burger lover. Meanwhile, many also love Machete, a raunchy bar offering great happy hour deals on tequila, tacos, and more. There’s plenty to do in Cherry Creek.

Cherry Creek Map

Cherry Creek, CO Real Estate

Cherry Creek is the peak of Denver’s high class living, and the prices here reflect that to the fullest. The median home price here is $596,500, a price which grew by about 6% from the previous year. Many of the homes here are older, 20th century constructions coinciding with the development of the area throughout Denver’s history, but an increasing number of them are new developments, primarily condos and highrises. According to Redfin, the median amount of time for a house to be on the market in this area is 41 days, with around 11% of homes being sold above a hefty list price.

Renting here is outright the most expensive in Colorado, with the average monthly rent for all apartments being $2,454. Cherry Creek is expensive, no surprise there, but every single cent is more than made up for in this community’s beauty, safety, economic opportunity, amazing Cherry Creek things to do, and more. If you are someone who desires the life of the upper crust, there is simply no comparison in Denver when it comes to Cherry Creek.

If you’re interested in looking at listings for Cherry Creek’ homes, take a look at some Cherry Creek, CO real estate options here.

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