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Donating Furniture in Denver - Who Will Pick Up and How to Donate

Donating Furniture in Denver | 🛏️ Who Will Pick Up and How to Donate

Whether you are moving to Denver or simply relocating to a new apartment within the city, you can make your transition easier by locating Denver furniture donation pick up services in your surrounding area. Many non-profit organizations, charities, and second-hand shops will pick up your furniture for free because it helps them get new products to sell to their customers.

Donating furniture in Denver is a great way to give back to your community and support a local charity. In addition, donating your old items means you don’t have to pay to ship them to your new home or a landfill. Plus, many organizations will give you a tax receipt following your donation, and you can use this receipt to save money on your annual taxes. Disposing of furniture when moving is very common.

Things to Remember Before You Donate Furniture in Denver

Before you donate furniture in Denver, you should check with the organization to figure out their specific rules. Many organizations will only accept certain items, and they may have limitations on when they offer free furniture pickup and removal services. Additionally, the majority of organizations will require you to schedule your furniture pickup online or by phone before the pickup day.

Whether you get a Habitat for Humanity or Goodwill pickup in Denver, you will generally be able to deduct your donation from your taxes. Because of this, you should ask the donation center for a receipt. Then, you can store the document with the rest of your financial records until tax time.

Tax time reminder note on a clock

If you want to deduct your contribution, you will need to use IRS Form 8283. You can only deduct the fair value of your donated furniture, and your deduction must be less than half of your adjusted gross income for the tax year. It is only possible to deduct charitable contributions if you gave your furniture directly to an authorized charity or a licensed non-profit organization.

No matter where you go for furniture donation pick up in Denver, you will be expected to contribute clean, gently worn items. The furniture donation location won’t accept torn, broken, or damaged pieces of furniture. Additionally, some donation centers have limitations about different kinds of furniture such as cribs, mattresses, and bed frames.

Who Will Pick up Donated Furniture in Denver?

Even if you have already begun moving to, from, or within Denver, you can still schedule a Denver furniture donation pick up. It is possible to donate furniture in Denver before, during, and after your relocation. Because the top organizations are often booked for days or weeks in advance, it is always a good idea to schedule your appointment as early as possible.

Are you unsure of who will pick up donated furniture in Denver? Thankfully, determining where to donate furniture is fairly easy. By calling or emailing one of the following organizations, you can schedule your pickup and relax during your upcoming move.

1. Habitat for Humanity in Denver

At the Habitat for Humanity in Denver, you can donate furniture, appliances, cabinets, and more. Habitat for Humanity helps the local community by building affordable houses for low-income residents. These local residents help build the houses to develop sweat equity, and then they are eligible to get a low-cost mortgage for the house. 

With Habitat for Humanity in Denver, you can arrange for free furniture pick up. If you want to drop off your items on your own, the metro Denver ReStores accept drop-off items on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday between 10 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. In general, you can donate items like windows, doors, insulation, appliances, dishes, cabinets, furniture, landscaping materials, electrical equipment, lumber, lighting, roofing, mirrors, and other building materials.

Habitat doesn’t accept mattresses, box springs, or exercise equipment. In addition, they won’t accept outdoor play equipment, toys, soft goods, or televisions. Some building materials like paint, ceiling tiles, countertops, and shutters are also not acceptable. 

Habitat for Humanity, 70 Rio Grande Blvd, Denver, CO 80223  (303) 722-5863

2. Denver Rescue Mission

The Denver Rescue Mission is committed to helping people who are homeless, suffering from addiction, or in need of a hot meal. At this organization, Denver residents can get help through community outreach programs, rehabilitation, emergency services, and transitional programs. As a part of their efforts to strengthen local households, the Denver Rescue Mission provides residents with clothing, furniture, groceries, and referrals to social services.

If you are looking for where to donate furniture, you can check out the Denver Rescue Mission’s free furniture pickup and convenient drop-off locations. You can arrange a furniture donation in Denver through their website. Most of the families and individuals are transitioning to small apartments, so the mission asks for small items and space-efficient furniture.

The mission can’t accept any damaged items. They are specifically looking for furniture items like living room chairs, dressers, couches, coffee tables, small kitchen tables, end tables, and small kitchen appliances. You can also donate your queen, double, or twin mattress as long as it is still in a like-new condition.

Denver Rescue Mission, 6100 Smith Rd, Denver, CO 80216  (303) 297-1815

3. Goodwill Denver

With Goodwill pickup in Denver, you can support your local community. Goodwill works to support community members as they look for new sources of employment. They do this by directly providing jobs as well as through job training programs.


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To arrange for a Goodwill pickup in Denver, you can call them or visit their website to learn about the donation process. Goodwill accepts furniture, household decor, books, musical instruments, lamps, hand tools, sporting goods, and exercise equipment. They don’t accept any televisions, paint, mattresses, box springs, water heaters, construction materials, or damaged furniture.

Goodwill Denver, 21 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80209  (303) 297-1815

4. Vietnam Veterans of America

Another place you can check out for donating furniture in Denver is the Vietnam Veterans of America. By going to PickupPlease.org, you can schedule your donation in advance. On the designated day, you simply have to leave your bags and boxes on your front porch for the delivery driver to pick up.

The Vietnam Veterans of America will pick up all of your old clothing and household items. Afterward, you can even get a tax deduction receipt. This organization accepts toys, electronics, household appliances, rugs, books, bikes, musical instruments, and exercise equipment. Because there is generally only one person in the delivery truck, it is important to only donate items one person can safely handle alone.

Your furniture donations in Denver will go to support local Vietnam veterans. The program was originally formed because of the difficulties Vietnam veterans had when they returned to the United States. Today, the program serves veterans throughout the Denver area.

Vietnam Veterans of America, 2085 S Sheridan Blvd, Denver, CO 80227  (800) 775-8387

5. Salvation Army – Denver

If you are struggling to find out where to donate furniture, the Salvation Army can always help. With Denver furniture donation pick up, you can go to their site to schedule a furniture donation in Denver. Along with arranging for a furniture pickup, you can also drop off your furniture at one of their donation centers during their operating hours.

Donating Furniture in Denver

By donating furniture in Denver at the Salvation Army, you can support adult rehabilitation, veteran services, and elderly services. The Salvation Army also helps communities around the world with hunger relief, prison ministries, combatting human trafficking, and homelessness relief.

Salvation Army, 4505 W Alameda Ave, Denver, CO 80219  (303) 922-4549

Map of Denver Furniture Donation Pickup Locations

Start Donating Furniture in Denver Today

By arranging for a Denver furniture donation pick up, you can make your next relocation faster and easier. Along with saving money on your relocation costs, you can also help a family in need and benefit the environment.

Are you looking for an agency to do a pick up of your donated furniture? Please reach out to one of the agencies mentioned above. Do not call Wasatch Moving.

Need help with an upcoming transition? Count on the top-rated Denver movers here at Wasatch Moving Company! Give us a call today at (720) 798-2878 or complete the Request a Quote form at the top of this page for a free moving estimate!


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