How to Get a Utah Driver’s License and How to Transfer a License to UT

Are you ready to get your first driver’s license? Or are you relocating and need help transferring your license to Utah? While the process can be a bit intimidating with a long list of required documents, you’ll find it isn’t that difficult if you’re prepared in advance and know what to expect.

Here’s how to get a Utah driver’s license for first-time drivers and after becoming a Utah resident.

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Utah Driver’s License Document Checklist

What do I need to get a UT driver license? Before you visit a Utah Driver’s License Division office, you’ll want to make sure you have all the documents you need. You must provide proof of identification, proof of residency, two forms of proof of Utah residency, and proof of your Social Security number and legal status. Note that you cannot use photocopied documents. Documents must be a certified copy or original.

Here is a general checklist of the documents you need. You can click here for a more in-depth guide to required documents from the Utah Department of Public Safety (DPS) Driver License Division.

Note that you will need the same documents whether you are transferring a license to Utah or getting your first driver’s license.

Proof of identity

One of the following:

  • Valid U.S. passport
  • Birth certificate or Consular Report of Birth Abroad
  • Valid Permanent Resident Card
  • Certificate of Naturalization
  • Certificate of Citizenship

Proof of Utah residency

You must provide two of the following with your name and address:

  • Court document
  • Bank statement
  • Utility bill
  • Vehicle title
  • Property tax bill
  • Credit card bill
  • Rental agreement
  • Mortgage statement

Proof of Social Security number

Bring your Social Security card (government-issued and signed) or one of the following with your name and Social Security number:

  • W-2 form
  • 1099 form
  • Pay stub
  • Social Security Administration letter indicating you are ineligible for a Social Security number due to your legal status

Proof of name change

If your proof of identity lists a different name, bring proof of legal name change such as:

  • Marriage license
  • Divorce decree
  • Court order

Utah Driver’s License for Undocumented Immigrants

If you are not eligible for a U.S. Social Security card or you cannot establish lawful presence in the U.S., you can qualify for a Driving Privilege Card (DPC) in Utah. This allows you the same driving privileges as a UT driver’s license if you are undocumented. You must provide the following documents.

  • Proof of identity: valid foreign passport or birth certificate AND court records, employee ID, insurance ID, church records, or other document the DPS accepts
  • Individual Tax Identification Number or Social Security number (government-issued card or a 1099 or W-2)
  • Two forms of Utah residency documentation: bank statement, mortgage statement, rental agreement, credit card bill, property tax notice, school transcript, utility bill, or vehicle title
  • Sealed fingerprint card and photo from the Bureau of Criminal Identification or law enforcement agency
  • Proof of driving experience for a first license in Utah such as a license from another country or state or proof of driver training

Utah Driver’s License Requirements & Steps for a First Driver’s License

Ready to get your first driver’s license in Utah? Unless you are transferring an out-of-state driver’s license, the process of getting a new license in Utah requires the documentation above, meeting certain requirements, and passing several exams. Here is everything you need plus a step-by-step guide.


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Basic Utah Driver’s License Requirements

Applying for a first-time Utah driver license? You must meet some basic requirements.

  • Be at least 16 years old
  • Have had a Utah driver’s license learning permit for 6+ months if under 18
  • Provide proof of a prior driver’s license or driver education if under 19
  • Provide 2 forms of Utah residence
  • Provide proof of identity
  • Provide your full Social Security number
  • Show proof of legal lawful presence in the U.S.
  • Show proof of name change (certified court or marriage document) if applicable
  • Pass an eye exam
  • Pass the Utah written knowledge test
  • Pass a driving skills test

As a general rule, Utah residents must be at least 21 years old for an unrestricted Utah driver’s license. Minor drivers under 21 are issued provisional driver’s licenses.

How to Get a Utah Driver’s License: Steps to Apply for a Driving License

Once you have all the documents you need and you’re sure you meet the basic requirements, getting a UT driver license is easy! Just follow these steps.

Step #1: Complete Driver Education or Apply for a Learner’s Permit

If you are 18 or under, you must complete a driver education course before getting a Utah driver’s license. If you are at least 19, you can either take a driver’s education course or hold a learner’s permit for at least 90 days and complete at least 40 hours of practice driving.

To get a Utah driver’s license learning permit, fill out the Utah driver’s license application online here. Schedule a learner’s permit appointment here and bring your application. Provide the required documentation then pass the written knowledge test, eye exam, and pay the $19 fee.

Before you can get an unrestricted driver’s license in UT, you must hold the permit for 90 days and practice driving for 40 hours.

Step #2: Complete the Online Knowledge Test

To get your first driver’s license in Utah, you must pass a 50-question online Utah driver license knowledge test. This test is open book and based on information in the Utah Driver’s License handbook.

You can take the online test here. Note that you must pass 100% of the multiple choice questions, but you can take each section as many times as you need to. The test results will be transmitted to the Driver License Division.

Step #3: Pass the Utah Driver’s License Written Test

Once you’ve had your learner’s permit for 90 days (or you’ve completed driver’s education) and passed the online test, you can schedule an appointment to take the written knowledge test.

The written knowledge test includes multiple choice and true/false questions based on information in the Utah Driver’s License handbook. You can take the test up to two times per day. The fee you pay allows you to make up to three attempts within 6 months. If you fail three times, you must pay the fee again.

While there isn’t an official Utah driver’s license study guide aside from the handbook, you can take a practice written knowledge test from the Driver License Division.

Step #4: Pass the Utah Driving Skills Test

After passing the written test, you’re ready to schedule the driving skills test. You must make an appointment online and bring your learner’s permit and documentation.

The Utah road test will involve five skill maneuvers:

  • Hill parking
  • Three-point turns
  • U-turns
  • Parallel parking
  • Backing up in a straight line

If you fail to check your blind spots while changing lanes or turning, speed, or make a rolling stop, you can fail the test automatically.

Step #5: Pass the Eye Exam & Have Your Photo Taken

During your road test appointment, you will need to pass an eye exam. Assuming you pass the road test, your photo will be taken, and you will receive instructions on receiving your driver’s license in the mail. You will get a temporary paper driver’s license to take with you.

How to Transfer Your License to Utah – Requirements & Steps

Moving to Utah? Transferring your license to Utah is easy with just a few basic requirements.

Documents You Need to Transfer a Driver’s License to Utah

You will need the following to transfer your out-of-state license to Utah:

  • Current driver’s license
  • Completed Utah driver license application form
  • Proof of identity (see above)
  • Proof of lawful status
  • Two forms of proof of Utah residency (see above)
  • Social Security verification

Steps to Transfer Your Out-of-State License

Ready to find out how to get a Utah driver’s license after you move from out-of-state? You’ll need to establish Utah residency which should be easy once you’ve rented or purchased a home.

Step #1: Submit the Utah Driver’s License Application Form

The first step to transferring your license to Utah is completing the driver license application form. You can do that at a Driver License Division office or online here to save time.

Next, schedule your original driver’s license appointment.

Step #2: Submit Necessary Documents & Complete an Eye Exam

When you arrive for your appointment, your photo will be taken and you will need to pass an eye exam. You must also provide all the necessary documents listed above. You must surrender your out-of-state license to get a Utah license.

Step #3: Pass the Written Knowledge Test

Everyone getting a driver’s license in Utah must pass the 50-question written knowledge test. Ahead of your test, study the Utah Driver Handbook and try the practice test from the Utah Driver License Division.

Step #4: Pass the Driving Skills Test *Not Usually Required!

If you have already been licensed to drive in another state, you typically do not need to pass the Utah driver’s license road test. However, you may be required to pass the test if your out-of-state license has expired.

Step #5: Receive Your Temporary Driver’s License

With these steps completed, you’ll receive a temporary paper license. Your new Utah driver’s license will be mailed to your Utah address.

Utah DLD Locations – Make an Appointment at the Driver License Division

In Utah, the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) only handles car registration and titles. The Utah Driver License Division (DLD) is responsible for licensing drivers and administering written and driving tests. The Driver License Division is part of the Department of Public Safety (DPS).

You can find a Utah Driver’s License Division near me here: Utah DLD locations.

To schedule a Utah Driver’s License Division appointment, click here. You will need to choose the type of appointment you are making:

  • Adult driver license if you are over 21 (first license or transferring an out-of-state license)
  • Minor driver license for applicants under 21
  • Learner’s permit
  • Driving Privilege Card (DPC) for undocumented Utahns
  • Driving skills test
  • Written test (second or third attempt)

Your appointment for a driver’s license includes time to take the written skills test. The road test requires a separate appointment.

Utah Driver’s License FAQ

What is proof of residency in Utah?

Documents that proof Utah residency for a driver’s license include two of the following:

  • Utah vehicle title or registration
  • Utility bill within the last 60 days
  • School transcript within the last 90 days
  • Property tax notice, statement, or receipt within the last 12 months
  • Major credit card bill within the last 60 days
  • Current lease agreement or mortgage contract
  • Court documents
  • Bank statement within the last 60 days

How much does a driver’s license cost in UT?

The Utah driver license cost is $52. A provisional license has a $39 fee. The fee for a UT learner’s permit is $19.

How can I update the address on my Utah driver’s license?

Notify the Driver License Division within 10 days of a change of address. You can update your address at a driver license office or online here.

How can I change the name on my driver license in UT?

You must visit a driver license office and submit documentation of your name change such as court documents or a marriage certificate to change the name on your license.

How long are Utah driver’s licenses good?

A Utah driver’s license expires 8 years after it is issued on the driver’s birthday, up from 5 years prior to 2020. A provisional license issued to someone under 21 expires after 5 years.

Are Utah driver’s licenses REAL ID compliant?

Your Utah driver’s license is REAL ID compliant if it has a star in the upper corner. All Utah driver’s licenses issued since January 2010 are REAL ID compliant. If you obtained a license between then and October 2020, your driver’s license at renewal will have the REAL ID star.

Can I renew my driver’s license online in Utah?

Yes, Utah driver’s license online renewal can be done, but you must be eligible for an online renewal. You will need to use the PIN in the letter you are mailed when it’s time to renew.

How long does it take to get a driver’s license in the mail in Utah?

You will receive a temporary license the same day your application is approved and you meet all requirements. Your driver’s license will arrive in the mail in 4 to 6 weeks.

What is a Driving Privilege Card?

A driving privilege card allows undocumented immigrants to receive legal driving privileges.

What does a driving privilege card allow in Utah?

A DPC allows the applicant to legally drive a motor vehicle in Utah. However, it cannot be used as identification by any Utah government agency.

What is the mobile driver’s license in Utah?

Utah began piloting a mobile driver’s license in 2021. All Utahns will be able to sign up for a mobile driver license (mDL) in 2021 which uses national and international security standards. In the future, law enforcement, hospitals, banks, and more can use readers to accept the MDL and accept the mobile credentials.

Thanks to REAL ID compliance, you’ll need a great deal of documents for getting a Utah driver’s license. However, once you have double-checked that you have everything and you’ve studied for the written test, you should have no trouble transferring your license to Utah in a single appointment.

Still in the planning stages of moving to Utah? Give us a call at Wasatch Moving Company for a free Utah moving quote. You already have enough to worry about with transferring your license, setting up utilities, and registering for school. We’ll take the stress out of moving day!


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