How to Pack Books for a Move

Last Updated on: 23rd August 2021, 04:14 pm

When it comes to packing up everything you own to move to a new place, not all items should be packed the same. If you’re an avid reader, you know from your past moving experiences that moving books can be a bit of a pain. After all, books add up to a lot of weight, and you’re going to be worried about covers and pages getting ruined. Packing up your personal library should be done with care and appreciation, so that the condition of the books that you love stays nice for years to come. Here are some tips on how to properly pack your library for a move…

Avoid Overpacking Books

First of all, don’t overpack too many books into a single box. That is just going to be a major backache for you and/or your movers. As stated above, books add up to a considerable amount of weight. For this reason, try spacing your books out with other belongings, or try to pack books into smaller boxes, so that it is less of an overweight item. On moving day, you’ll be thanking yourself!

Consider Cutting Down

We would never venture to tell you that any book in your beloved book collection doesn’t belong there. However, we have found that many people end up packing up and moving around books that they never actually get to reading. A move is a good time to consider if you are just carrying around dead weight for the sake that you don’t want to get rid of anything, and the library should be no exception to this scrutiny!

Treat Your Valuable Books Special

Every big reader has special books that are near and dear to their heart, or even ones that are highly valuable. For books like these, which are usually hardback books, make sure to give them a little extra love when you are packing them away, and wrap them with more protection. Usually, just wrapping a hardback book in newspaper will do wonders to prevent it from getting damages, but you can also go the extra mile and use bubble wrap for books that are too valuable to risk getting damaged.

Use Filler Paper in-between Books

When you have stacked your books neatly into a box, you probably have several stacks that are going to rub up against each other during the move. This can cause damage to covers and pages, and usually makes these boxes harder to carry, as well. For this reason, get some crumpled newspaper to fill in the gaps between the stacks of books so that they fit in there nice and snug.


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