How to Pack Your Garage For a Move, Part 2

Last Updated on: 23rd August 2021, 04:15 pm

Packing up your garage is one of the most awkward rooms of your home to pack up, and often, one of the last ones to get packed up. In our last blog post we shared some of our favorite tips, such as what items you should get rid of, and the types of materials you need to pack everything from your garage up safely for your move. Now comes the hard part; actually packing up your garage.

How to pack up certain items from your garage


-Leave smaller tools in your toolbox, lock up your toolbox, and simply transport your toolbox, no packing required.

-Wrap sharp items and blades in several layers of bubble wrap.

-Bundle up your large gardening items, such as rakes and shovels, with either tape or rope and then wrap them in a large blanket.

-Remove propane tank from your grill and gift the propane(or charcoal) to your neighbor. You’re not allowed to move these items, so pack up your grill and get a new propane tank once you’ve moved. This still applies even if the propane tank is empty.

-If possible, pack up your power tools in their original packaging, to be safest. Remove all detachable parts and batteries, and pack them detached in the same box to keep track of them all.

-For bikes, disassemble them as much as possible for your movers. Remove the handlebars and wheels. Head to a local bike shop and see if they have any bike boxes you can use for your move, as this will be the easiest and safest way to transport them. Otherwise, wrap all of the individual parts in large blankets.

-Empty all of the fuel from gas operated equipment, such as lawn mowers, before moving them.

-If you’re moving a chest freezer or refrigerator, you’ll need to defrost, clean, and then dry them. Wrap them with moving blankets.

-Disassemble outdoor furniture. Remove cushions and pack those separately in boxes(that are clearly labeled to make unpacking easier). Stack outdoor chairs before packing them into your moving truck.

-Wrap your fragile flower pots in bubble wrap. Moving companies aren’t allowed to move live plants across states, so you may need to either get rid of them/find new homes for them, and transport them yourselves in your personal car.


Label everything


Don’t forget to carefully label everything! If something is fragile, make sure you clearly indicate it on all sides of the box, as well as indicating which way the box should be placed upright. Mark what room of your new home the box should be brought to, and then clearly mark underneath that what the box contains. For example, “KITCHEN: dishes and cutlery” or “LIVING ROOM: books and throw pillows”. This helps your movers know where to bring them, and it helps you during the unpacking process.



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