How to Pack Your Garage For a Move

Last Updated on: 23rd August 2021, 04:15 pm

One of the last rooms to be packed up in a move, is the garage. It’s an awkward room to pack up. It’s often filled with seasonal storage items, clunky items that are covered in grease, and things that honestly just don’t have a real place in your home. All of this makes it hard to pack it up effectively for a move. If you’re struggling to get your garage packed up for your move, here are a few of our favorite tips!

Have a garage sale


The first thing you’ll have to do, is sort everything that is in your garage. You don’t want to move things to your new home that you really don’t want and won’t use. Will you ever use that stroller, now that your children are all in high school? Have you ever touched that collection of sports equipment? When was the last time your kids strapped on their roller skates? Sort everything in your garage into two sections. Things that get used, and things that don’t get used. The things that don’t get used, set prices for each, and set up a garage sale. Everything that doesn’t get sold, donate it to charity. Don’t let yourself keep a lot of things you won’t ever use, just because it doesn’t sell. You won’t use it once you move.


Arm yourself with the right supplies


With everything left over after you’ve sorted through your garage, you’ll need to make sure you pack it all properly. A lot of things in your garage are heavy, fragile, or oddly shaped. Here are a few things to make sure you have on hand:

-Sturdy boxes

-Bubble wrap

-Packing tape

-Packing paper

-Blankets(for large items)


Before packing anything, secure the bottoms of all of your packing boxes with copious amounts of tape. When you’re packing heavy things,you don’t want them to fall out the bottom of the box because of negligence.


Don’t pack dangerous items


It’s not safe to bring chemicals and flammable items with you. Dispose of these items safely and get new ones when you move. Things such as aerosol cans, gasoline, paint and paint thinners, and pesticides are all things you shouldn’t try to move with. This is simply a safety concern, because packing these items up could cause a lot of damage during the move. Be safe, and safely dispose of these items before moving forward with your packing.


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