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Living in Alpine City UT [2024] | 👉 Is Moving to Alpine City Right for You?

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Just a half-hour outside of Salt Lake City is Alpine, Utah. Situated on the slopes of Box Elder Peak, this gorgeous mountainside town is home to many young families. Alpine is known for being one of the fastest-growing cities in Utah. With high median income rates and low poverty levels, many people are moving to Alpine in hopes of a better community for their children. You’ll often find kids riding their bikes in the neighborhood and plenty of families out and about at the many parks here. Alpine is located in between Draper and American Fork.

Alpine, UT Population & Demographics

There are 10,197 people living in Alpine. The median age in Alpine is 29.7, and 63% of households have children under the age of 18. Alpine is safer than 78% of cities in the United States, making it one of the top places to reside. Alpine’s racial demographics are 94.7% White, 2.96% two or more races, and 1.69% Hispanic or Latino. The poverty rate in Alpine is just 5%, which is incredibly low.

Alpine is located in Utah County. Alpine City’s zip code is 84004. The area codes in Alpine are 801 and 365.

Cost of Living in Alpine City, UT

Alpine’s cost of living index is 34% more expensive than the national average. However, this is mostly due to housing. Houses in Alpine are 120% more than the national average. The average cost of a home in Alpine City, UT is $631,000. The homeownership rate in Alpine is 84%. According to Rent Jungle, the average rent in Alpine is $1,115 for a two-bedroom apartment and $998 for a one-bedroom apartment. Rent trends are on their way down, which means it’s getting more affordable!

Besides housing, everything in Alpine isn’t too expensive. Those inhabiting Alpine pay 6% less than the national average for groceries, 8% less for healthcare, and 14% less for utilities. According to Numbeo, some of the average prices of items are:

  • Meal at a restaurant: $9.00
  • Fast food meal: $9.00
  • 1-gallon milk: $3.00
  • A loaf of bread: $4.00
  • Dozen eggs: $3.00
  • 1 pound of chicken: $5.00
  • Gas per gallon: $2.65
  • Basic utilities: $200.00

Alpine, UT Neighborhoods

Alpine is a big community, and most of the streets connect. There aren’t many specific neighborhoods, but the best suburbs in Alpine are South Alpine, Alpine City Center, Alpine Highland, and Alpine Lone Peak. Alpine Highland is known for having older adults, so if you want to be around retired folk or families with old children, this is the area in Alpine to be. Alpine Lone Peak is pushed up against the mountains, and it has some of the most expensive homes. South Alpine is located next to the Alpine Country Club, and it’s known as mostly a retirement community with adults who love to golf. Alpine City Center is one of the best places to live in Alpine and has a mixture of young and old residents, and the homes are much more affordable. You’ll find many families with young kids running around, and there’s always something to do. Now is a great time to purchase one of the many Alpine, UT homes for sale!

Alpine, UT Weather

The Alpine climate is fairly mild, and you’ll experience all four seasons. One of the joys of dwelling in Alpine is seeing the snow in the winter months and the heat in the summertime. The average temperature in Alpine is 38°F in January and 90°F in July. In summer, the temperatures may not be that high, but it feels a lot hotter thanks to the altitude of Alpine city. In winter, there will be snow on the ground, but other than that, you’ll experience under a week of rain for each month. The weather in Alpine is enjoyable nearly all year round.

Things to Do in Alpine, UT

There are many fun things to do in Alpine. From parks and landmarks to beautiful outdoor activities, here are the top-rated attractions in Alpine City.

Dry Creek/Deer Creek/North Mountain Trail


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With over eight miles of hiking trails, this is the perfect day out for adults. There are a few easier trails at the beginning for kids, but if you’re looking for a challenge, this is definitely it! Check the weather beforehand, bring lots of water, and enjoy the workout that ends with a view.

Horsetail Falls Trail, Alpine, UT 84004

Creekside Park

Looking for outdoor activities in Alpine suitable for children? Creekside Park has a splash pad, playground, basketball courts, and more. There are plenty of city events held here each year, and they do a huge slip-n-slide down the hill each summer! It’s one of the most fun things to do with kids in Alpine.

100 South and 600 East, Alpine, UT 84004, (801) 756-6347

Alpine, UT Restaurants

Want a delicious bite to eat? These are the best Alpine restaurants to visit when looking for a local favorite!

Alpine Stop

Don’t let this Alpine restaurant’s exterior fool you, this gas station eatery is gourmet! It’s a local favorite for burgers that are stacked high with delicious toppings. Like an old school diner, you’ll get cheap food that warms you from the inside out.

400 S Main St, Alpine, UT 84004, (801) 642-2190



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There’s no better shave ice than at this Alpine eatery! It’s an outdoor cafe where summer serves shaved ice and winters serve coffee, hot chocolate, and tea. With over 100 reviews, this local favorite isn’t going anywhere.

542-548 S Main St, Alpine, UT 84004, (801) 855-9052

Jobs in Alpine, UT

There are 4,248 employees in Alpine. For those inhabiting Alpine, the median household income is $112,727. The average salary in Alpine is $54,000, and the average hourly wage is $16.28. The most popular jobs in Alpine are elementary school teachers, mechanical engineers, associate directors, medical office managers, and customer service associates. Popular employers in Alpine are Adobe and Purple. You can find Alpine Indeed jobs here. Many people work in Alpine, but most people will commute to nearby Lehi or Salt Lake City for employment opportunities. Click on the links for directions if you need to travel from Alpine Utah to Salt Lake City which is 31.9 miles.

Alpine City, UT Schools

One of the top reasons people are relocating to Alpine is for the great school district. The most popular schools in Alpine city are Alpine School, Westfield School, Timberline Middle School, and Mountainville Academy. Private schools in Alpine include Karen Mcevoy Day Care and Kids Korner Academy Daycare. There aren’t any higher education schools in Alpine, but within 20 minutes or so, you can reach Utah Valley University and Brigham Young University.

Living in Alpine, UT Tips

  • Enjoy the great school district and many choices
  • Plenty of kids are residing in Alpine, making it a family-friendly city
  • Eat at some of the most delicious restaurants in Alpine
  • Alpine is perfect for outdoor attractions and parks
  • Alpine experiences all four seasons
  • Cost of living is fairly affordable except for housing

Is resettling in Alpine right for you? If you’re considering relocating to Alpine, give Wasatch Moving a call. We’re a top-rated Alpine moving company ready to take your stress away!


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