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Cedar Hills, UT is an idyllic suburb of Salt Lake City framed by mountains. Cedar Hills is known for its proximity to American Fork Canyon and offers a variety of popular hiking, fishing, and camping attractions. 

Cedar Hills originated as a tiny settlement established in 1846. The first families who called Cedar Hills home settled around a small land plot donated by Abraham Hart, one of the first settlers in the region. Hart initially was given the land thanks to the 1841 Peter’s Colony land grant. However, it was incorporated much later: in 1977 as a town and in 1999 as a city. Nowadays, people who live in Cedar Hills enjoy its close proximity to Salt Lake City while maintaining the feel of a small town. And if you’re a nature lover, you will find there are a myriad of things to do here. 

Where is Cedar Hills, Utah? 

Cedar Hills is a suburb of Salt Lake City. It is in Utah County in the state of Utah. This city is just 33 miles away from Salt Lake City (or approximately 37 minutes by car). For couples or families looking to enjoy a helping of small town life with the convenience big city living offers, Cedar Hills demonstrates just how sweet balance can be

Cedar Hills was named for juniper “cedar” trees which are typical of the region and the area. 

Cedar Hills borders Alpine to the north, Pleasant Grove to the south, American Fork to the west, and Mahogany Mountain to the east. The city’s location on the slopes of Mount Timpanogos is another reason people choose to live here. 

Cedar Hills Population & Demographics

Cedar Hills, UT has a population of 10,063. This is a very slight increase from 2010’s population of 10,019. The population in Cedar Hills is relatively young. The median age for men is 24.4 and women is 26.9. There are currently 6,045 adults living in the city, 797 of which are senior citizens. Cedar Hills has a nearly equal population of men and women; 49.18% of people living here identify as female, and 50.82% identify as male. 

The population density is 1573.3 inhabitants per square mile. The annual growth rate is .22%.

Several famous people call Cedar Hills, UT home. These individuals include Chad Lewis, a former NFL tight end who played for the Philadelphia Eagles, Zackery Farnsworth, a MLS Centerback for Real Salt Lake, Salt Lake City’s professional soccer club, and Ben Cahoon, who was a former receiver for the Montreal Alouettes. 

The population is affluent — the median household income in Cedar Hills in 2020 was $107,440. The national median household income, for comparison, is $67,521. 

The majority of the population in Cedar Hills is caucasian (97.5%). 1.29% of the population identifies as two or more races, .95% is Asian, .11% is Black or African American, and .16% identify as some other race. 

Cedar Hill’s total crime rate is 21.66 per 1000 residents. In Cedar Hill, your chances of being a victim of a violent crime are 1 in 2004. This is considerably lower than the overall rate in Utah, which is 1 in 386. In 2019, it was ranked in Utah’s 20 safest cities report. Therefore, Cedar Hill, UT is a safe place to live

Because Cedar Hill is a small city, the police are provided through a contract with nearby American Fork City. 

Cost of Living in Cedar Hills 

The average cost of living in the USA is scored at 100, and Cedar Hills is a 125.9. This demonstrates that Cedar Hills’ cost of living is higher than the US average. It’s also higher than the Utah average which is 110.8. 

 According to the Economic Policy Institute, the monthly cost of food for a family of four (two adults and two children) in the Salt Lake City metropolitan area is $770. Childcare is $1,422, transportation is $1,189, health care is $1,035, and housing is $1,204. You’d need to earn about $86,552 per year to live comfortably in Cedar Hills. 

The median home price in Cedar Hills is $580,820. The average monthly cost for rent is $1460 according to RentCafe.  11.9% of the Cedar Hills population rents and 88.1% of the population owns their home.

Cedar Hills Typical Monthly Living Expenses

  • Cedar Hills monthly cost of utilities: $128.54 
  • Haircut: $27.25
  • Pizza: $11.16
  • Ibuprofen: $10.25
  • Gasoline: $3.06

Cedar Hills Neighborhoods | Where to Live in Cedar Hills 

There are two primary neighborhoods of Cedar Hills. These are Cedar Hills South, which is the more costly of the two, and City Center. If you live in City Center, you may be slightly closer to some of the town offices and shopping. 

Cedar Hills Weather & Climate

Cedar Hills is in the western United States. This city does experience all four seasons a year. On average the annual rainfall is 10 inches. Yes, it does snow in Cedar Hills, and a lot. The average annual snowfall in Cedar Hills is 45 inches, so bring your heavy coats and gloves! You will need good sunglasses as there are on average 310 days of sunshine per year, the average annual temperature is 50 degrees. 

Because Cedar Hills experiences all four seasons, you’ll be happy to learn that through the course of the year, you won’t have to deal with snow constantly. Cedar Hills is generally the hottest it gets in July with an average high of 94 degrees Fahrenheit, and the coldest it gets in December and January with an average high of 41 degrees. 


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Things to Do in Cedar Hills 

You will be happy to learn that there are a wide variety of things that you can do in Cedar Hills. The options are practically limitless if you are an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys hiking or spending time in nature. Of course, there are plenty of stores worth visiting too — however, if you want to go to the mall, you’ll have to take a trip to nearby American Fork which boasts Alpine Valley Center.

Here are some of our favorite things to do in Cedar Hills, Utah. 

Heritage Park

Heritage Park offers a beautiful playground for younger children to enjoy, plus a slew of amenities that their caretakers will appreciate. There are picnic tables, barbecue grills, an amphitheater, and a volleyball court. 

4425 W Cedar Hills Dr, Cedar Hills, UT 84062, 801-785-9668

Cedar Hills Golf Club 

If you are a golfer, the Cedar Hills Golf Club is a must-see. Play a round of golf with scenic mountain views surrounding you, and enjoy the views as you walk the fairways. 

10640 Clubhouse Dr, Cedar Hills, UT 84062, 801-796-1705 

Timpanogos Cove Park

For those who enjoy mountain views, Timpanogos Cove Park is a can’t miss. This is another excellent option if you have young children who enjoy the playground. Because this park is located on a mountain, be prepared to walk, so wear supportive shoes! 

9508 N Timpanogos Cove, Cedar Hills, UT 84062, 801-785-9668

Here are additional Cedar Hills attractions you should know about: 

    • Heiselt’s Hollow Park
    • Mesquite Park
    • Harvey Park


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Cedar Hills Restaurants 

Cedar Hills offers a variety of unique eateries that are suitable for any taste. Whether you are looking for a date night restaurant or a laid-back grab-and-go joint that caters to the kids, you will be able to find it in Cedar Hills. Here are a few of the best Cedar Hills, UT restaurants. 

  • SUR Cafe: From breakfast to sandwiches to empanadas and beyond, there’s something for everyone at SUR Cafe. There’s also catering available from SUR Cafe if you’re having a party and need a caterer. 

10640 Clubhouse Dr, Cedar Hills, UT 84062, 385-221-5919

  • Marco’s Pizza: If you’re looking to grab a quick and easy slice of pizza, look no further than Marco’s Pizza. This restaurant is loved because of the amount of speciality pizzas it offers. 

4723 W Cedar Hills Dr Suite 140, Cedar Hills, UT 84062, 801-763-0000

  • Happy Dragon Chinese Express: Grab some quick Chinese food at the local Happy Dragon Chinese Express restaurant. This is a great eatery if you’re looking to get something quick and tasty.

4723 W Cedar Hills Dr Unit 130, Cedar Hills, UT 84062, 801-216-4547

Jobs in Cedar Hills 

Because of Cedar Hills’ close proximity to Salt Lake City, many people decide to commute to this significantly larger city for work. Those who commute often find that the scenic views and amount of space to raise a family is a worthy trade-off. 

Of course, if you’re not looking to go into Salt Lake City everyday for your job, you will be able to find other employment opportunities in or around Cedar Hills. Here is a job board for you to find jobs in Cedar Hills

The average hourly wage in Cedar Hills is $14, according to PayScale

City Schools in Cedar Hills

Because Cedar Hills is such a small city, children who live there attend the Alpine School District. The school district consists of two elementary schools, one intermediate junior high school, and two high schools. 


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Cedar Hills Statistics & Information 

Map of Cedar Hills, Utah 

Discover this idyllic town set against the lush scenery of the mountains. 

Moving to Cedar Hills? We can make it easier.

You’ll love living in Cedar Hills because of its proximity to nature and small-town feel despite being part of a larger metropolitan area. If you’re ready to make your move to this majestic city, give our Cedar Hills movers a call at (801) 758-0030 for a free quote. 



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