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Moving to Hooper Utah Guide | 💙 What You’ll Love About Living in Hooper, UT!

Last Updated on: 5th September 2023, 12:46 pm

Hooper Utah is a picturesque little city nestled beside the Great Salt Lake of northern Utah. The family-friendly city of Hooper is known to have a classic Western ambiance and exceptionally friendly residents who contribute toward the city’s safe, well-maintained, and welcoming environment. Hooper has fun annual social gatherings, affordable housing, remarkable schools, great churches, an array of outdoor recreational opportunities, and splendid views of the mountains. Residents living in Hooper Utah can also take advantage of the city’s easy commute to cities such as Ogden and Salt Lake City.

Previously called Muskrat Springs and later Hooperville, the city of Hooper was settled in 1854 and became a township in 1997. In 2000, Hooper was officially incorporated. Today, Hooper Utah stands as a mid-sized city with a small-town vibe – all while sharing half of the Ogden Bay Waterfowl Management Area nature preserve. You’ll find that the city is pleasantly spread out and everyone seems to know everyone. Whether you’re a new family seeking a peaceful community or a young ski-lover escaping the big city hustle and bustle, moving to Hooper Utah does not disappoint.

Where is Hooper Utah?

Situated in Weber County, the city of Hooper is a suburb of the city of Ogden and is a part of the Ogden–Clearfield, Utah Metropolitan Statistical Area. Hooper Utah is nestled in northern Utah at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains. The northern part of Hooper carries the Weber River which meets the Great Salt Lake to the west of the city. Included in the city’s boundary and located in the Great Salt Lake is Fremont Island – the lake’s third-largest island. When you need to visit the big city, the distance from Hooper Utah to Salt Lake City is about 40 miles south.

A few of Hooper’s nearby communities include Westhaven to the northeast, Roy to the east, and Westpoint to the south. When it comes to public transportation in Hooper Utah, if you’re not taking a taxi there are several bus stops just outside of the east part of the city that are operated by the Utah Transit Authority. Hooper provides close proximity to I-15, which takes you to Downtown Salt Lake City.

Hooper Utah Population & Demographics

The quaint, suburban city of Hooper has a population of 9,087 distributed over 87 miles at a population density of 352 per square mile. In the last decade, the Hooper Utah population has increased by nearly 26%. The median age in Hooper is 37, whereas 1.3% of residents are foreign-born. 96.6% of the Hooper population has received a high school diploma or higher, and 32.9% have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher. The Hooper Utah median household income sits at $103,828, which is $24,695 above the state median.

Hooper has been a place of interest for several talented individuals, such as Chris Dickinson – a professional and renowned photographer who focuses his work on western ranch life.


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The racial demographics in Hooper are mildly diverse, with Whites making up 90.8% of the
population. Hispanics make up 7%, Native Hawaiians at 1%, and Asians at .2%. The gender makeup in Hooper is 50.7% male, which leaves 49.3% female.

Is Hooper Utah safe? Well, Hooper has an A-safety score on Crimegrade which means the rate of crime in Hooper is lower than in the average US city. Considering that the city is in the 82nd percentile for safety, Hooper Utah is a very safe place to live and raise a family.

The city is served by the Weber County Sheriff’s Department with its 100+ deputy sheriffs.

Cost of Living in Hooper Utah

The cost of living index for Hooper is approximately 126, which is about 26% higher than the national average and 29% higher than the country average. According to the Economic Policy Institute, a family of four living in Hooper should make around $78.823 to live comfortably. The combined sales tax rate in Hooper is 7.25% meanwhile it takes on the 4.95% state income tax. If you’re looking to relocate, there are many lovely Hooper Utah homes for sale. According to Redfin, Hooper has a median home price of $691,100. In case you want to sign a lease, the average apartment in Hooper is around $1,214.

Hooper Utah Typical Living Expenses

Here’s a list of Payscale’s typical expenses in Ogden, Utah– the nearest large town to Hooper. The prices in Ogden are similar to, yet may not equal the exact same prices as in Hooper.

  • Average Hooper Utah utilities per month: $162.32
  • Doctor’s visit: $113.67
  • Gallon of gas: $3.70
  • Gallon of milk: $2.34
  • One dozen eggs: $2.17

Hooper Utah Neighborhoods | Where to Live in Hooper

From the mountainous horizons to the kind and welcoming residents, there are many lovely areas to live in that are spread throughout Hooper. Let’s take a look at Hooper’s two neighborhoods:

Hooper East | Small Neighborhood in Hooper, Utah, with Golf Course

This park of Hooper is to the far east of the city. This peaceful Hooper neighborhood provides close access to great parks, an elementary school, and the Crane Field Golf Course and Driving Range. Homes here have a median cost of $503,612 and are primarily medium-sized single-family houses and townhomes.

City Center | Hooper Neighborhood Surrounded by Nature & Spectacular Views

This lovely Hooper neighborhood makes up the majority of the city and is adjacent to the Great Salt Lake. You’ll find many single-family homes, apartments, and condos in this part of town. A close-knit community isn’t the only benefit this side of town has to offer. You’ll have close access to the nature preserve at the northwestern end of town. With a median home cost of $503,612, residents living here can enjoy enchanting views, untamed rivers, and soothing fields filled with nature – right in their backyard.

Hooper Utah Weather & Climate

With a humid continental climate, Hooper Utah experiences cold, snowy winters with lows of 21°F, and hot, dry summers with highs of 91°F. You’ll want a warm winter coat and mittens during the 34 inches of annual snowfall in Hooper, and an umbrella during the 17 inches of annual rainfall. Residents can enjoy the 226 days of sunshine whereas the best months to visit Hooper are in May, June, and September.


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Things to Do in Hooper Utah

When you’re not busy enjoying the breathtaking scenery, Hooper is home to several parks and places of interest. It even has a top-rated wedding venue! Just a few miles outside of the city’s borders you’ll find an array of excellent museums like the ​​Hill Aerospace Museum, nature parks, and botanical gardens. If you’re due for some shopping, the Newgate Mall in Ogden is one of the best shopping centers near Hooper. Here are things to do in Hooper, Utah.

Emma Russell Park

Shared with the neighboring city Roy, Emma Russell Park is a great place to take the family. It features a playground, swings, pickleball courts, soccer fields, a softball field, and even a walking track.

4300 W 5700 S, Roy, UT 84067, (801) 774-1048

Hooper Park

This shaded and dog-friendly park in Hooper features a playground, a climbing structure, canon statues, and a metal slide that’s fun for both kids and adults.

6300 W 5600 S, Hooper, UT 84315, (801) 732-1064

Ogden Bay Waterfowl Management Area

If you’re looking for a place to escape and relax in nature, this beautiful wetland nature preserve of over 20000 acres is a must-go in Hooper!

〒84315 Utah, Hooper, サウス 7500 ウェスト, (801) 476-2740

Additional Things to Do in Hooper

The parks and recreational facilities in Hooper are served by the Hooper Park & Trails department. In case you want to tune into what’s going on in town, you can check out the Hooper City news website here. Meanwhile, you can tune in on Hooper City events here.

Hooper Utah Restaurants

Being the small, mostly residential town that it is, Hooper Utah lacks restaurants within its borders. However, there are numerous restaurant choices just minutes away. Below are some of the best and closest restaurants to Hooper Utah.

Burrito Grande

This tasty Mexican cuisine is vegan-friendly and serves everything from warm tortillas to chips ‘n salsa. The hard-working staff here maintain the restaurant’s clean, lively atmosphere so you and your family can enjoy a nice meal out.

5511 S 3500 W, Roy, UT 84067, (801) 776-9022

Warren’s Family Restaurant Roy

This classic American family-owned restaurant serves a delicious breakfast, tasty burgers, healthy salads, and more!

5523 S 3500 W, Roy, UT 84067, (801) 985-7116

Burger Bar

When you’re in the mood for acclaimed homemade hamburgers, Burger Bar is the place to go! You can walk up to the old-school counter and order some classic fries or one of their delicious, towering milkshakes.

5291 S 1900 W, Roy, UT 84067, (801) 825-8961

Jobs in Hooper Utah

Hooper UT is projected to experience a 39.4% increase in job growth over the next decade which is 5.9% higher than the U.S. average. The average base salary in Hooper is $46,000 and the average hourly rate is $23. A few of the most popular job positions in Hooper include aircraft painters, directors of program management, and those who work in human services. If you are on the lookout for work, take a look at the jobs in and around Hooper, Utah, or posted on the city jobs board.

Hooper Utah Schools

Hooper is served by the Weber School District which serves 32,423 students, 48 schools, and has a student-teacher ratio of 25:1. This district includes Hooper Elementary and Freedom Elementary School which are both located in Hooper.

If you’re in need of a good book or just need quiet studying time, the nearest public library is the Weber County Library which is open seven days a week.

Hooper UT Statistics & Information

  • County: Weber County
  • Hooper area: 87.99 square miles
  • Hooper zip code: 84315
  • Hooper area code: 801
  • Hooper elevation: 4242 feet
  • Hooper time zone: Mountain Standard Time (MST)
  • Closest airport to Hooper: Salt Lake City International Airport – 38 miles south of Hooper.

Hooper Utah Map

If you’re ready to begin your journey to the beautiful city of Hooper, Utah, our professional team of Hooper movers is here to make your transfer smooth and stress-free! Call Wasatch Moving today at (801) 758-0030!


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