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Lindon is a city in Utah County, UT. It is part of the Provo-Orem MSA and It was settled in 1850 by pioneers but did not become officially incorporated till March 5th, 1924.

Around 1901 when the town was beginning to grow, they decided to name the city after an old Linden tree (Tilia), a common lime tree in Europe. Even though the spelling of the name got misspelled, this is the inspiration for the city name.

The official motto describes this mountain city perfectly: “Lindon: a little bit of country.” Yes, this city has mountains surrounding them, and the modern aspects have grown, but there are still plenty of rolling hills and beautiful landscapes like in the country.

Being ranked as one of the “100 Best Small Cities to Live in America” by CNN Money Magazine, Lindon is a great place to start relocating a business. In fact, it is the headquarters of Bamboo HR, a software startup. Plus, they have plenty of outdoor activities ranging from hiking trails to parks and mountains for snowboarding in the winter–making this a family-friendly city.

Lindon City Population & Demographics

The population of Lindon is 11,397 people. It might be considered a small city, but it’s mighty. Whether you’re working in the tech industry or want to start your own business, this place is a great option.

For the percentage of gender within the community, 51.4% of the residents are male, and 48.6% are female. The median household income is $91,000 per year.

For the demographics of Lindon, here is a breakdown:

  • 88% White
  • 4% Hispanic
  • 2% Asian
  • 6% Biracial

Lindon, UT, is a family-friendly city in Utah County. Even though they have a higher crime rate in some neighborhoods, there are plenty of safe places to live like any other area in the United States.

The Lindon Police Department works hard to serve, protect, and keep the city of Lindon out of harm’s way. They have a team of 13 officers and support staff and are here to help.

Cost of Living in Lindon City

The cost of living in Lindon is expensive. With it costing 29% over the national average, you can expect to pay more here than in other parts of the United States. Even though Lindon is considered a high-cost area, the median household income is well above the national average, so it balances out.

Is living in Lindon, UT, expensive? Based on Salt Lake City, the nearest city, Numbeo shares an in-depth outline of some of the prices you can expect to pay.

Lindon City UT Everyday Expenses:

  • Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant $15.00
  • Domestic Beer (1 pint draught) $6.00
  • Milk (regular, 1 gallon) $2.85
  • Bread (1 loaf) $2.72
  • Oranges (1 lb) $1.29
  • Apples (1 lb) $1.76
  • Beef Round (1 lb) $5.52
  • Eggs (regular, 12) $2.16
  • Average Cost of Utilities (per month) $131.71
  • Average Cost of Gasoline per gallon $3.71
  • Average Apartment Rent (3 bedrooms) in City Centre $2,155.56
  • Fitness Club (Per Month, 1 Adult) $31.87

Based on the information from the Economic Policy Institute, it’s recommended that a family of four make at least $80,393 per year to live comfortably.

The average home price in Lindon is on the higher side at $650,000. While there aren’t any apartments currently available for rent in Lindon, the surrounding areas are currently being rented for between $1,300 and $2,550, depending on the size. If you need a place in Lindon, there are a few homes for rent between $1,500 and $2,200.

Lindon City Neighborhoods | Where to Live in Lindon City

Here are a couple of the best neighborhoods to consider moving to in Lindon:

  • Lindon East
  • Lindon City Center
  • Hardy

Lindon, UT, is located 37 miles away from Salt Lake City. If you’re working in the big city or heading into town, make sure you account for extra travel time.

To buy one of the beautiful mountain-front houses in Lindon, check out some of these gorgeous homes.

Lindon City Weather & Climate

The weather can greatly differ depending on the time of year. In the summer, it’s hot and dry, and then the winter is cold and windy. You can expect three comfortable months out of the year: September, May, and June. Since Utah is a desert, it doesn’t get as much rain as the rest of the United States, but you’ll get an above-average snowfall per year of 42 inches, so if you like the snow, this place is perfect for you.

To help you prepare for the different seasons, pack the essentials: sunscreen, bathing suit, sunglasses, shorts, and a tank top for the summer. And pack plenty of winter clothes, necessary car gear in case you get stuck, and hand warmers for the winter.

Things to Do in Lindon City

Let’s hit the great outdoors and explore the town. Here are some of the best activities to do in Lindon:

Lindon City Park

There are 10 different parks to choose from in Lindon, UT and they’re all run by the park and recreation center. This state is big on getting in the fresh air, going on an adventure, and taking advantage of the insanely beautiful views. Each park has something different and unique, so check out their website. Whether you enjoy playing pickleball, tennis, basketball, playing in the jungle gyms, having a picnic, or taking a bike ride, there is something for everyone!

200 N State St, Lindon, UT 84042, (801) 769-8625

Airborne Trampoline Park

Do you like extreme sports? Take your hand at trying some out at the state-of-the-art Airborne facility. There is everything from foam pits, trampolines, obstacle courses, and launchpads. Every age is welcome, so this is truly a family fun place.

635 N 1700 W #100, Lindon, UT 84042, (801) 854-5150

Additional Places To Visit In Lindon City

Lindon City Restaurants

Food is something that brings everyone together. Regardless of the event, food is often the center of attention. Here are some of the hottest restaurants in Lindon:

The Smoking Apple

When you head to The Smoking Apple BBQ, you need to try these most popular items: Pulled Pork Sandwich, Multi-Meat Plate, and the Pork Ribs. They have some of the best BBQ food in Utah, so don’t miss out!

70 N State St, Lindon, UT 84042, (801) 406-9928

 Los Hermanos

Los Hermanos focuses on serving authentic dishes with fresh ingredients. If you’re looking for an award-winning Mexican restaurant in Lindon, look no further because this is the one for you!

395 N State St, Lindon, UT 84042, (801) 785-1715


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Additional Restaurants In Lindon City

Jobs in Lindon City

If you’re planning on relocating to Lindon, UT, and you don’t currently have a job, here are some of the top employers in this city:

The current average hourly wage is $16.34, which equates to around $67,000 a year if you’re working full-time. There is a current state income tax, but it’s a flat rate of 4.95%.

Lindon City Schools

The schools in Lindon are under the Alpine School District in Utah, and you will receive some of the top-rated education in this state. While there isn’t a high school in the city of Lindon, there are plenty of schools to attend nearby. Here are just a few of the schools you can choose from:

When it comes to attending college, there are some great colleges: Utah Valley University, Brigham Young University Provo, Utah State University, and Eagle Gate College Murray.

Lindon doesn’t have a public library, but there is a small library in Pleasant Grove, or you can head over to Orem for a large public library that is 4 miles away.

Lindon City Statistics & Information

  • Square Miles: 8.54
  • County: Utah
  • Zip Codes: 84003 and 84042
  • Area Code: (801)
  • Time Zone: Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) and Mountain Standard Time (MST)
  • The Closest Airport: Provo Municipal Airport is 12 miles away from Lindon City, UT
  • Elevation: 4,642 feet above sea level

Map of Lindon City
To find out more about this beautiful city and the different places to explore, this map of Lindon will help!

Pros & Cons of Living in Lindon City

  • Pro: Lindon has great education
  • Pro: It’s a family-friendly community
  • Pro: Named one of the 100 Best Small Cities to Live in America by CNN Money Magazine
  • Con: The seasons can change dramatically and cause problems
  • Con: It’s 29% more expensive than the national average

Moving to Lindon City, UT

Are you interested in relocating to Lindon, UT? Wasatch Moving has an award-winning team of professional Lindon UT movers dedicated to helping you transition to your new home. Call us now at (801) 758-0030 or fill out our online form for a free estimate.


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