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Living in Silver Summit | 🌌 What to Know Before Moving to Silver Summit Utah

Last Updated on: 10th April 2024, 03:16 pm

Living in Silver Summit is something special! Silver Summit was largely uninhabited until Mormon settlers arrived in the 1840s. The community developed slowly, remaining rural throughout most of the 20th century. The community was first known as North Snyderville Basin, but it was renamed to Silver Summit in 2010 after mountains in the area. Silver Summit Utah is well known for being a suburb of Park City, a tourist hub that is home to the Sundance Film Festival.

Silver Summit is now an affluent, safe, and family-friendly census-designated place. It is a nice place to live, with some of the most beautiful outdoor spaces in the state. But before you call a moving company and start moving to Silver Summit, you should learn more about what this community is like. Here are the basics on Silver Summit Utah.

Where Is Silver Summit Utah?

Where is Silver Summit Utah? Silver Summit is in Summit County Utah. Silver Summit is in the Heber City micropolitan area and the Salt Lake City combined statistical area. The community borders Summit Park, Snyderville, and Park City. It is 12.4 miles from Silver Summit to Park City.

The community contains mostly undeveloped land, with houses and small businesses clustered to the south. Roads snake through the community, including in the undeveloped areas in the north, but these roads can be uneven and hard to walk or drive on. Silver Summit Utah contains a portion of Lewis Peak, an 8,031-foot mountain open to hikers. Residents living in Silver Summit do not have access to High Valley Transit, the public transportation system for Park City. Most people living in Silver Summit use their cars to get around.

Silver Summit Population and Demographics

The population of Silver Summit is 1,694, accounting for roughly 4% of the population of Summit County. The population has fallen by 53.4% since 2010, largely due to the pandemic, after years of steady increases. The population density is 151.5 people per square mile, more than six times higher than the population density of Summit County.

Notable people from Silver Summit Utah, and the surrounding area include Ken Block, Jonathan Page, and Erin Hamlin. Notable Silver Summit demographics include:

  • 53.4% male, 46.6% female
  • Median age: 40
  • Racial and ethnic composition: 87.6% White (86.4% non-Hispanic), 8.0% two or more races, 5.9% Hispanic or Latino, 1.8% Asian, 0.5% American Indian and Alaska Native, 0.1% Black or African American
  • Median household income: $226,442 (2.6 times higher than the state median)
  • Educational attainment: 99.4% of residents older than 25 have graduated high school, 76.1% have a bachelor’s degree
  • Foreign-born population: 10.3%

Silver Summit is one of the wealthiest communities in Summit County. Silver Summit’s median household income is $100,000 higher than the county median and nearly twice the median in the Heber micropolitan area. 57% of households in Silver Summit make over $200,000 a year, five times higher than the statewide rate. Only 5.7% of people living in Silver Summit live below the poverty line, two-thirds of the statewide poverty rate.

Silver Summit is one of the safest communities to live in Utah. Here are its latest crime rates:

  • Overall crime rate: 555 offenses per 100,000 people (74% lower than the Utah crime rate, 76.1% lower than the national rate)
  • Violent crime rate: 63 crimes per 100,000 residents (74% lower than the Utah crime rate, 83% lower than the national rate)
  • Property crime rate: 492 offenses per 100,000 residents (74% lower than the Utah crime rate, 74.8% lower than the national rate)

The Summit County Sheriff’s Department serves residents living in Silver Summit. The department has nine command staffers who oversee law enforcement operations and supervise nearly 100 deputies.

Cost of Living in Silver Summit

You can use Salt Lake City cost of living statistics to estimate the cost of living in Silver Summit, as statistics specifically for Silver Summit Utah can be hard to find. The Salt Lake City cost of living index is 102.1, meaning that items, on average, cost 2.1% more in the Salt Lake City area than the national average. According to the Economic Policy Institute, a family of four living in Summit County would need to earn $115,852 a year to cover the cost of living in the county.

Silver Summit real estate can be very expensive. According to Redfin, Silver Summit homes for sale have a median sales cost of $4,000,000, with an average price per square foot of $696. According to RentCafe, Silver Summit apartments cost $1,690 a month. While some expenses in Silver Summit are very high, you can live an affordable lifestyle through modest changes. Transportation is the highest expense for families, at $1,734 a month, so you can save money by walking or biking to locations.

Typical Silver Summit* Living Expenses

  • 1 pound of white rice: $1.48
  • 1 pound of local cheese: $6.56
  • 1 pound of oranges: $1.65
  • 1 head of lettuce: $1.87
  • 1 gallon of gasoline: $3.94
  • Average Silver Summit* utilities per month: $159.12
  • 1 pair of Nike running shoes: $90.91

Source: Numbeo

*Statistics actually for Salt Lake City

Silver Summit Neighborhoods | Where to Live in Silver Summit

Silver Summit does not have formal neighborhoods due to its small size and undeveloped areas. However, you can find homes in gated communities and HOAs within Silver Summit. Here are the best places to live in Silver Summit.

Glenwild | Best Gated Community in Silver Summit

Glenwild is a gated community that covers 1,600 acres and contains 196 homesites and a Tom Fazio-designed championship golf course. Glenwild has numerous luxurious features, including a private nature preserve and cross-country trails open for hiking. Glenwild homes for sale have rustic contemporary and mountain modern architecture, with five or six bedrooms and over 5,000 square feet of space. Glenwild homes for sale are pricey, costing well over $5 million, but you receive many luxuries for your money. You can buy a home with a gourmet kitchen, an east-facing hearth room, and a wet bar.

Red Hawk Ranch | Best Landscapes in a Silver Summit Neighborhood

Red Hawk Ranch is an HOA in northern Silver Summit, in the middle of a wildlife preserve. It’s the best place to live in Silver Summit if you want natural beauty and serenity. Homes have scenic views of the countryside and convenient access to walking trails, canyons, and ponds. You can buy a parcel in Red Hawk Ranch with 10 to 40 acres of land, letting you build your own house with all the features you want.

Silver Summit Weather

Silver Summit has a humid continental climate with warm and sunny summers and snowy and frigid winters. July is the hottest month, with an average temperature of 68 degrees and an average temperature of 81. Temperatures drop quickly and reach their lowest points in January. The average temperature in January is 21 degrees, and the average low is 15 degrees. Average temperatures remain below freezing through the entire winter, with average lows staying below freezing until April.

The Silver Summit weather is consistently cloudy through the winter and late fall. You can experience more sun in the summertime, with 77% of days in July and August being clear, mostly clear, and partly cloudy. Silver Summit does not experience a lot of rain, with only 9.0 inches of rain falling on average every year. Silver Summit Utah receives 42.9 inches of snow, and the community can experience snowstorms during the winter. Check the Silver Summit weather forecast before going out in the wintertime.

The best time to visit Silver Summit is August. August has an average temperature of 66 degrees, so conditions are mild enough that you can wear a short-sleeved shirt and shorts. August does not have severe humidity or weather, so you can enjoy outdoor activities without needing to bring an umbrella or a rain jacket, though you should bring water with you.

Things to Do in Silver Summit

Silver Summit things to do are perfect for people of all ages, especially if you want to maintain an active lifestyle and try out different outdoor activities. Outlets Park City is one of the largest malls in the Park City area, with over 300,000 square feet of retail space. You can find major retailers like Columbia Factory Store and Adidas Outlet at Outlets Park City. Nearby are Whole Foods Park City and Walmart Park City.

Woodward Park City

Woodward Park City is a ski resort with slopes for snowboarding, BMX bike riding, tubing, and parkour, amongst other attractions. It’s popular in the summer and winter, as it’s home to numerous sports camps for kids and teens.

3863 Kilby Road, Park City, UT, 84098, 435-658-2648

Utah Olympic Park

Utah Olympic Park was the site of the 2002 Winter Olympics, and it’s now a sports complex open to the public. You can try out a few different sports, including skeleton and bobsled racing. You can also visit two free museums with exhibits on the Winter Olympics and go for walks on outdoor dog-friendly hiking trails.

3419 Olympic Parkway, Park City, UT, 84098, 435-658-4200

Glenwild Golf Club

Glenwild Golf Club is one of the top golf clubs in the Salt Lake City area. It contains a par-71 golf course with four tees for men and three for women, letting you adjust your yardage and difficulty levels.

7600 Glenwild Drive, Park City, UT, 84098, 435-615-9966

Additional Things to Do in Silver Summit

Summit County does not have a parks and recreation department, but the county plans public events throughout the year and maintains public spaces in Silver Summit. You should visit the Summit County events calendar to see what events are upcoming.

Silver Summit Restaurants

The Salt Lake City area has a diverse range of restaurants with influences from all over the world, and Silver Summit is no different. You can taste various cuisines and enjoy both casual and upscale experiences without traveling from your home.

Lush’s Tennessee BBQ

Lush’s serves Tennessee barbeque in a welcoming and kid-friendly setting. You can enjoy fried chicken ribs, and grilled salmon with tater tots, salad, and mashed potatoes for less than $20, and you can order catering for large groups at Lush’s.

7182 Silver Creek Road, Park City, UT, 84098, 435-333-2831

The Moose Cafe

The Moose Cafe is a family-friendly cafe well known for its unique breakfast menu, including steel cut oatmeal and eggs Benedict. You can also stop by for lunch and enjoy burgers for less than $15, making The Moose Cafe perfect for a casual and affordable meal.

185 Aspen Drive, Park City, UT, 84098, 435-200-8493

Billy Blancos

Billy Blancos is a Mexican restaurant with an extensive menu of cervezas, vodkas, rum, and other hard liquors. You can try out a dozen different tacos, burritos, and quesadillas while enjoying cool garage-themed artwork, including motorcycles on hoists and tables made of toolboxes.

8208 Gorgonza Pines Road, Park City, UT, 84098, 435-575-0846

Jobs in Silver Summit

Nine hundred sixteen people have jobs in Silver Summit, up by 37.7% since 2020. One-third of Silver Summit residents in the workforce have high-ranking management occupations that have median earnings of $211,812 a year. Educational services is the single largest industry in Silver Summit, accounting for 26.1% of Silver Summit jobs. Educational services jobs in the community have median earnings of $110,400 a year. Public administration and retail trade are the second and third-largest industries, each accounting for roughly 10% of Silver Summit jobs.

Silver Summit has a per capita income of $99,935 a year, nearly three times the statewide average. Top employers in Silver Summit include Deer Valley Resort Company, Park City Mountain Resort, and Park City School District. You can find jobs in Silver Summit using Indeed, and you can also apply for Summit County jobs on the county government’s website.

Silver Summit Schools

Nearly all children living in Silver Summit attend schools in the Park City School District. Silver Summit children attend Trailside Elementary School, which US News ranks in the top 200 elementary schools in Utah. Trailside Elementary students then attend Ecker Hill Middle School for sixth and seventh grades, and then they attend Treasure Mountain Junior High School for eighth and ninth grades. US News ranks Ecker Hill in the top 25 middle schools in Utah. 55% of Ecker Hill students test at or above the proficiency level in reading, 15 percentage points higher than the state average.

Park City High School is the only high school in the Park City School District. US News ranks Park City High School in the top five high schools in Utah. The school has a graduation rate of 94%, and 55% of students graduate with an unweighted GPA of 3.5 or higher. Park City High School has state championship athletics teams, and its debate team won more national awards than any other public school in Utah.

A small portion of Silver Summit Utah falls under the North Summit School District, and another small portion falls under the South Summit School District. You can use the Summit County school district map to see which school your child will go to after moving to Silver Summit.

There are no private schools or colleges in Silver Summit Utah. The Kimball Junction Library of the Summit County Library system is just outside of Silver Summit and offers print books and digital resources for kids, teens, and adults.

Silver Summit Statistics and Information

  • County: Summit County
  • Silver Summit area: 16.5 square miles
  • Silver Summit zip code: 84098
  • Silver Summit area code: 435
  • Silver Summit elevation: 6,552 feet
  • Silver Summit time zone: Mountain Time Zone (UTC-7)
  • Closest airport to Silver Summit: Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC), 33.6 miles from Silver Summit

Silver Summit Map

This Silver Summit map shows where the best Silver Summit restaurants, stores, and activities are located!

You’ll be living at the peak of your life when you start living in Silver Summit! The census-designated community is one of the best places in Utah for safe streets, lavish homes, and beautiful outdoor attractions. Families, seniors, and young professionals all enjoy living in Silver Summit, and you will, too!

You’ll also enjoy moving to Silver Summit. Wasatch Moving Company employs a team of over 40 professional and trained Silver Summit movers. Call 801-758-0030 for a free estimate today.


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