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The city of Washington Terrace, UT offers residents close proximity to wildlife while offering a highly desirable small-town feel. Washington Terrace is known for its unique history.

In 1948, Washington Terrace was founded as a wartime housing project. After serving its original purpose (to provide housing), the area continued to grow. George Herman Van Leeuwen played a significant role in securing the land from the government. He also acted as the President of the Board of Directors. Despite his influence on the city, it was decided that the city would not be named VanLeeuwenville in his honor.

Today, Washington Terrace is an excellent place to live because of its gorgeous mountain views and friendly small-town feel.

Where Is Washington Terrace?

Washington Terrace is in Weber County in the state of Utah. Washington Terrace is also considered part of the Ogden-Clearfield metropolitan area. If you work in Ogden, Washington Terrace is an appealing option because it’s a commutable distance as Washington Terrace to Ogden is 3.9 miles or 8 minutes by car yet offers you the community you’ll only find in a smaller city.

It is unclear why Washington Terrace was named such after the name originally proposed was rejected.

Washington Terrace borders Ogden to the north, Roy to the west, South Ogden to the east, and an unincorporated area to the south.


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Washington Terrace Population & Demographics

Washington Terrace has a population of 9,267 in 2020. This is a slight increase from the 2010 census which demonstrates the city had 9,067 residents. Washington Terrace has a population density of 4,477.4 per square mile and an annual growth rate of .22%.

The median age of a Washington Terrace resident is 33.2 years. The majority of the population is between the ages of 18 and 65. The second largest group is made up of people under the age of 18 (26%) followed by people 65 and older (19.3%) and people under 5 (8.2%). 51.4% of the population of Washington Terrace identify as female and 48.6% identify as male.

The median household income in Washington Terrace was $65,204 in 2020, which is slightly below the national average from the same year ($67,521).

The majority of the population in Washington Terrace is caucasian (89.41%). 7.92% of residents identify as two or more races, .94% are Black or African American, .89% identify as a race not listed, .61% are Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, and .23% are Asian.

Washington Terrace, Utah is a safe place to live. The average crime rate is 28.19 per 1000 residents. It is safer than 46% of other cities in the United States.

Because Washington Terrace is a small city, the Weber County Sheriff’s Department provides law enforcement services in the area.

Cost of Living in Washington Terrace

On average, the cost of living in the United States is 100. The cost of living in Washington Terrace is 98.4. This is slightly lower than the average cost of living in both the US and in the state of Utah as a whole.

According to the Economic Policy Institute, if you have a family of four living in Washington Terrace, you need to make $82,829 per year to live comfortably. Expect to pay $759 per month for food, $1,021 for housing, $1,326 for childcare, $1,060 for healthcare, and $1,281 for transportation.

The median home price in Washington Terrace is $410,000. The average monthly rent cost in Washington Terrace is $1,358 according to RentCafe.

Washington Terrace Typical Monthly Living Expenses:

  • Washington Terrace monthly cost of utilities: $140.57
  • Meal at inexpensive restaurant: $11
  • Gallon of milk: $2.48
  • Local cheese: $4.00
  • Monthly fitness club: $30.80

Source: Numbeo

Washington Terrace Neighborhoods | Where to Live in Washington Terrace

There are two primary neighborhoods in Washington Terrace: Washington Terrace North and City Center. Generally speaking, Washington Terrace North is considered to be the more desirable option, especially if you’re looking for a residential area.

Washington Terrace Weather & Climate

Washington Terrace is in Utah, which is in the Northwestern United States. Therefore, Washington Terrace does experience all four seasons. Washington Terrace typically gets some form of precipitation 79 days per year. However, it averages 23 inches per year of rain, which is under the US average. It snows in Washington Terrace. The most snowy month in the city is January, which averages about 3.7 inches of snow. Make sure you have your snow boots and a sled!

Summers in Washington Terrace tend to be dry, hot, and mostly clear. Winters are very cold, snowy, and cloudy. The weather in Washington Terrace typically ranges from 22 to 90 degrees throughout the year. 

Things to Do in Washington Terrace

If you’re looking for fun things to do after moving to Washington Terrace, you’ll be happy to learn that there tons of activities and amenities to enjoy. From arts to outdoors, you can find it all in this small town surrounded by the mountains. To help you figure out where to begin, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite things to do in Washington Terrace.

Lions Park

If you have children or pets, you’ll likely spend time in Lion’s Park. Not only is there a playground for your children to play in, there are also picnic tables and a basketball hoop. It is the perfect palace to spend a weekend in Washington Terrace.

375 4700 S, Washington Terrace, UT 84405

Beverly’s Terrace Plaza Playhouse

Are you a theater enthusiast? If so, you can’t miss dropping by Beverly’s Terrace Plaza Playhouse. This theater is in an old market and features talented local actors.

99 4700 S, Washington Terrace, UT 84405 801-393-0070

CLUE Inn Escape

If you’ve wanted to try an escape room (a room where you have to put together clues to find your way out), you’re in luck. There is an excellent one in Washington Terrace. This is a great family activity or something you can do with your friends on a weekend.

5100 S 375 E Ste A, Washington Terrace, UT 84405 801-689-2605

Washington Terrace Restaurants

Despite its small size, the Washington Terrace area features a variety of delicious restaurants that will satisfy your hunger whether you’re in the mood for something light or more substantial. Here are some of the best restaurants in the Washington Terrace area.

Jobs in Washington Terrace

Washington Terrace is close to Ogden, which has many economic opportunities available. Therefore, many residents of Washington Terrace commute to this nearby city for their job.

If you’d prefer not to commute, you can find a role in Washington Terrace itself. Here’s a job board to kick off your search for your dream job in Washington Terrace.

The average hourly salary in Washington Terrace is $21.63.

Schools in Washington Terrace

If you are moving to Washington Terrace with children, you may be interested to learn more about the school district that your kids would attend. Children living in Washington Terrace attend the Weber School District. This is a large school district that offers educational opportunities to students in all of Weber County (except Ogden which has its own district). There are about 33,000 kids enrolled, 4 high schools, 29 elementary schools, and 9 junior high schools. There are also 1699 teachers.

Washington Terrace Statistics & Information

  • County: Weber
  • Area: 2.04 square miles
  • Zip code: 84405
  • Area code: 385, 801
  • Elevation: 4,610′
  • Time zone: UTC−06:00 (MDT)
  • Closest airport to Washington Terrace, UT: Ogden-Hinckley Airport (OGD)

Map of Washington Terrace, UT

Discover everything that Washington Terrace has to offer!

Moving to Washington Terrace? We’ll Help!

You’re going to love Washington Terrace’s close proximity to nature and the community feel. If you’re ready to begin making your move, contact our Washington Terrace movers today by calling 801-770-0765 for a free quote.


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