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Neighborhoods in Boulder | [2022] Best Boulder Neighborhoods & 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Where to Live in Boulder CO

Known as a hip, modern university town with famous breweries, a vibrant downtown, and an idyllic outdoors with the beautiful and iconic Flatirons mountains, there’s many reasons to live in Boulder. A proper pioneer town in its own right, the ever-famous University of Colorado, Boulder, which dominates the suburban city of about 100,000, was founded several months before Colorado even became a state! Boulder has history and charm in spades, and it also has plenty of distinct, unique neighborhoods that are sure to please any sort of prospective resident. Check out some of Boulder’s best neighborhoods below!

Downtown – The Heart of Boulder’s Hip Culture

Downtown is the beating heart of Boulder, despite what fans of CU Boulder may claim! Primarily urban and retail-centric, Boulder’s Downtown is home to the prestigious Pearl Street Mall, which holds most, if not all, of Boulder’s famous restaurants and breweries. Eat at the upscale Brasserie Ten Ten for the deluxe French dining experience, or perhaps Pasta Jay’s for a well-beloved staple of Boulder’s Italian food scene.

Once you’ve had your fill of food, take part in some of Pearl Street and Downtown’s many attractions, like the prestigious Smith Klein Art Gallery. Or perhaps you’d like to test your brain at the Boulder Escape Room?

Discerning customers and those who want to be around the life of a community will love living in the Downtown area, although the median home prices may be enough to make some tug at their collars – living in a high class and active area like this doesn’t come cheap!

University Hill – The Ideal Community for Students

Centered around the prestigious University of Colorado, Boulder, University Hill, oftentimes referred to simply as “The Hill”, the Hill has been around as long as the university itself, which was founded in 1876, five months before Colorado officially became a state in the Union. To say that this section of Boulder is historic is an understatement, but it also serves well in its capacity as a student community!

University Hill is not at all far from many of the attractions, restaurants, and shopping of the central Boulder area, but also has its own shops and restaurants, too! The Fox Theatre, local to the neighborhood, has been named by the Rolling Stone as one of the best live venues in the United States. Students here might also get a burrito from Illegal Pete’s, or maybe something a bit more health-focused at Rush Bowls.

Buying property here is something that is not often considered, as most who choose to live here are CU Boulder students, usually renting. However, real estate here is relatively affordable compared to most of Boulder.

Chautauqua – Idyllic, Affluent Mountain Community

With origins at the very beginnings of Boulder as a community, Chautauqua is the very essence of the elite in Boulder, with idyllic views of both the Flatirons and Downtown Boulder. Most of the community is centered around the Chautauqua Auditorium, a wooden building constructed in the Victorian era and still hosting all manner of live events to this day.

Living in Chautauqua means quick access to much of Boulder’s most desirable attractions, particularly the outdoor ones. The neighborhood is right on top of a number of trailheads for beautiful hikes in the Flatirons, and is also the shortest drive to the beautiful Eldorado Canyon State Park of the neighborhoods listed here.

Much of the housing in this small neighborhood is of Victorian make, or of similarly luxurious modern construction. These types of homes with these types of views obviously fetch very high prices. Don’t plan on making yourself at home in this community without a fat wallet!

29th Street – Sleek & Modern Retail District

29th Street, also written as “Twenty Ninth Street”, is a primarily retail district centered around the modern, recently-constructed Twenty Ninth Street shopping mall. There is admittedly little in the way of housing directly within the area, because of the previously mentioned retail nature of this Boulder district, but discerning consumers will not want to miss this immense shopping mall!

29th Street contains all the classics, with fast food like Five Guys and Panera Bread, health food joints like Mad Greens, and more in the way of food. It also contains more specialty-related stores, like Sephora for high end cosmetics and west elm for modern furniture. It would be remiss to not mention Century Boulder, no doubt Boulder’s biggest movie theater, located right inside this shopping mall!

Don’t miss this excellent retail experience!


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South Boulder – Family-friendly Boulder Living

South Boulder, sometimes referred to as SoBo, is a broad subdivision that includes the communities of Table Mesa, Martin Acres, and Highland Park. This area is representative of the vast majority of suburban Boulder, although comparable suburban communities are also out to the east and north.

Like Chautauqua, South Boulder has quick access to many of Boulder’s finest hiking and climbing, with trailheads for Shanahan Ridge Trail falling within its borders. The Table Mesa Shopping Center represents a retail pillar of this set of communities.

Housing is expensive – that’s Boulder for you! – but you’ll find a far greater range of prices here than in places like Downtown Boulder.

North Boulder – A Neighborhood for Artistic Folks

Formerly the industrial section of Boulder, NoBo (as North Boulder is often referred to) fell into disrepair for quite some time as industry left the area for greener pastures. Coming in industry’s place was a flood of artists and artisans specializing in all sorts of crafts, making North Boulder today a vibrant, artistic community.

Most of North Boulder’s artsy goings-on happens in the North Boulder Art District, with their monthly art walk. They also have excellent wineries and breweries, like Bookcliff Vineyards and Upslope Brewery. The neighborhood also has many things to do, like a lovely lake, Wonderland Lake, with trails going around the perimeter.

In terms of real estate, you’ll find that North Boulder has a very similar range to North Boulder. It is somewhat suburban, like SoBo, and has many homes of different types. You can find quite a bit of variety here!


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East Boulder – “Brooklyn of Boulder”

More rural in character than the other neighborhoods here, East Boulder earns its title of “Brooklyn of Boulder” due to its relatively lower real estate prices meaning a flourishing of tech industry, chef-driven restaurants, records and coffee shops, and other hip retail! It is also notable for its wide network of bike trails.

While in East Boulder, you’ll certainly want to check out the artisan meats seller Blackbelly Market, and excellents beers at the VisionQuest and Stein breweries. Interested in theater? You’ll love the BDT Stage dinner theater, hosting all sorts of shows!

Being largely rural, you’ll find that East Boulder has much more affordable property prices than most of Boulder, although even these prices are still significantly higher than Colorado averages. Rest assured, you’ll be getting a lot of bang for your buck here, as far as Boulder goes!

Boulder Neighborhood Map

Want to get the general lay of the land when it comes to Boulder’s neighborhoods? This map will help!

Boulder gives you plenty of wiggle room when it comes to communities that fit your specific needs, but don’t worry too much about neighborhood choice – no matter where you live in Boulder, you’ll still be getting that premium mountain town experience! If you want to know more about living in Boulder, you can find out more with Wasatch Moving’s moving to Boulder guide at the link! You simply can’t go wrong living in a Boulder neighborhood!

If you’re planning on moving to Boulder, you’re going to need help! With Wasatch Moving, we can make your transition far easier with a team of professional, trustworthy Boulder movers! Give us a call at 720-798-2878 or complete the cost-free quote form for a price estimate. Don’t delay – call now to make your move to this idyllic mountain paradise much, much easier!


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