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The top Salt Lake City suburbs are close to downtown with easy access to the freeway so you can have a short commute to work. But, with so many different cities to live in, how do you choose? Every person is different and has specific needs. Some people may be looking for the best suburbs in Salt Lake for families while others may want the most affordable community. Thankfully, we have it all laid out here for you so that you can decide where you want to live. Keep reading for our guide to the best Salt Lake City, UT suburbs.

Millcreek – Safe & Close to SLC

Population: 62,192

Median Home Value: $439,577

Homes for Sale Millcreek, UT

Millcreek is the perfect spot for anyone that works downtown, especially if you work at the University of Utah. With such close proximity to the mountains and the university, there is plenty to do. Not only are there amazing parks, but shops are close by as well. Millcreek is an older city. There aren’t as many families with young kids. The homes and neighborhoods in Millcreek are usually older, and there isn’t a ton of new construction going up.

However, it has a lot of charm. Most of the homes have been redone on the inside, and they house older couples who are retired or working downtown. If you’re looking for a city in Salt Lake City that’s good for an older community, this is the place to be.

North Salt Lake – Family-Friendly Suburb and Close to Downtown

Population: 20,507

Median Home Value: $388,467

Homes for Sale North Salt Lake, UT

If you work downtown and have a family, North Salt Lake is a great option. There is constantly new construction going up in this Salt Lake City suburb, and new shopping centers were just put in. On the east side, there are homes on larger lots that border Eaglewood Golf Course. On the west side are smaller homes that house many families with young kids. It’s much cheaper on the west side, but still fairly safe.

North Salt Lake does have a lot of construction going on because of new homes and shopping centers, so it can add some time to your commute. However, the ease of hopping onto I-15 and US-89 makes it easy to commute to downtown.

Holladay – Best Salt Lake Suburb for Older Families

Population: 30,709

Median Home Value: $555,070

Homes for Sale Holladay, UT

Holladay is one of the wealthiest areas in Salt Lake City. You’ll find many professionals living here, and because of this, it’s a bit older. There are still plenty of families, but they tend to have older, high-school-aged children. You won’t often find little kids running around.

Holladay is known for being one of the oldest communities in Salt Lake. Homes are constantly being upgraded and renovated because of this, and many people have bulldozed old homes and rebuilt on the lots because nearly all of this city is developed. Most people own their home and work downtown. With close proximity to the canyons, it’s a great city to live in if you love to ski and snowboard!

Taylorsville – Affordable, Family-Friendly SLC Suburb

Population: 59,992

Median Home Value: $324,025

Homes for Sale Taylorsville, UT

Taylorsville is known for being affordable and family-friendly. There are tons of families with small children living here, and many of them have just purchased their first home. In general, Taylorsville itself is fairly safe. However, it does border West Valley City, which has one of the highest crime rates in Utah, so look for neighborhoods that are on the east side of the city if you’re worried about safety.

Taylorsville offers an easy commute to Salt Lake, but it’s also not too far from Utah County if you work down there as well. With plenty of shops surrounding this Salt Lake City suburb, it’s easy to go from place to place. It also has easy access to both I-15 and I-80, so no matter which part of Salt Lake you work in, you can get there quickly.

Sugar House – Wealthy, LGBTQ+ Friendly Living SLC Suburb

Population: 34,996

Median Home Value: $464,091

Homes for Sale Sugar House, UT

Sugar House is one of the most liberal suburbs in Salt Lake City, and there is a thriving LGBTQ+ community. However, there are also plenty of families with kids too, making for a culture-rich, diversity-driven city that’s one of the most affluent suburbs in SLC. Sugar House is an older town, and most of the architecture looks like it was built long ago, even if it’s new. There are many historic homes, and it’s not uncommon to find homes that are 200 years old.

People love the history in this city, and though the homes have been restored, they don’t get torn down. Driving through the streets of Sugar House feels safe and comfortable as if you were plucked from reality and placed in the past. With beautiful Sugar House Park that’s filled with dog walkers in the summer and kids sledding in the winter, this is a wonderful place to be if you have a family or if you identify as LGBTQ+.

Farmington – Best for Families & Child Education

Population: 24,066

Median Home Value: $439,429

Homes for Sale Farmington, UT

One of the top Salt Lake City suburbs is Farmington, which is just about 20 minutes outside of downtown. In recent years, Farmington has boomed in construction and become one of the most desirable places to live with a family. You’ll always find kids running down the streets, and there are more elementary schools than you can count on two hands. With playgrounds dotting the neighborhoods, you’ll be in heaven if you have kids.

Plus, Farmington just built a brand new high school that is designed to be one of the most modern schools in the world. With charging stations for cell phones, dry-erase compatible walls, desks, and more, it’s an incredible development that’s bringing in even more families. You can be sure that this family-friendly city will continue to be kid-friendly for a very long time.

Sandy – SLC Suburb with Mountainside Living

Population: 96,145

Median Home Value: $431,200

Homes for Sale, Sandy, UT

If you don’t mind being a bit further from downtown, Sandy is the perfect Salt Lake City suburb to live in. It’s located right against the mountainside and has easy access to ski resorts, like Brighton and Alta. Though the homes against the mountain are getting older, there is plenty of new construction all around. It’s also fairly family-friendly. The families often have older kids, but nearby apartments also allow for younger families too.

Another benefit to living in Sandy is that you can get to SLC in about 30 minutes, but you can also access cities like Lehi, home to the Adobe campus and other tech giants. So, if you and your partner work on opposite sides of the valley, this is the best suburb in Salt Lake City to live in. Sandy is known for having tons of shopping, and with the convention center also in this town, there are many jobs available.

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Salt Lake City Suburbs Map

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