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used furniture in denver

Where to Find & Buy Used Furniture in Denver 🛋️ | List & Tips

Moving to a beautiful city like Denver is an exciting adventure, but it’s also an overwhelming time. You’ve got to get yourself unpacked, set up in your new home, and familiar with a new city. Plus, you’ve probably just spent a chunk of change! That doesn’t mean you can’t furnish your home the way you want to though. Thinking of furniture shopping can be daunting because you don’t want to spend a lot of money. So, how do you get to furnish your new place without dropping too much money that you don’t have? Shopping for used furniture in Denver is a great way to save money while making your place your own. You’ll surely find amazing, unique pieces and have a lot of fun along the way! Furniture doesn’t have to be new to be new to you! The good news is Denver isn’t short on great used furniture stores – you’ll have endless options right outside your door! 

Different Types of Secondhand Furniture Stores

There are many used furniture stores in Denver, and they are different types. Thrift stores are furniture donation centers that resell what is given to them. Furniture from here may not always be the best quality depending on the donations for that week. Then, there are consignment stores. When you buy from a consignment store, you’re purchasing someone’s furniture. Both the store and the original owner of the item will get paid. Because the owner is selling the furniture for money, these items may be better quality and have less issues. 

Tips for buying used furniture in Denver

Buying used furniture is a little riskier than new furniture. You won’t learn much about the history of the item or how it was treated by its original owners. You likely won’t get a warranty or protection plan either. However, if you shop carefully and do some research, you’ll be able to feel confident in your purchase. Here are a few ways to shop smart when looking for used furniture in Denver:

  • Be prepared: Carefully measure the space you’re looking to furnish before shopping. You probably won’t be able to return your purchase, so make sure you don’t buy something that won’t fit where you envision it.
  • Check the piece thoroughly: Take your time looking over anything you’re thinking of buying. Consider the materials and their quality, examine any hardware, look for tears or weak areas that might wear out quickly.
  • Research the item: Look for tags that indicate the item’s brand. Check online to see if the brand is good quality, read customer reviews, and see if the item has ever been recalled. The last thing you want to do is buy something that is recalled for safety issues.
  • Look for bugs: Buying soft items can be tricky, so make sure you check all the nooks and crannies. Bugs love to hide!
  • Pay a fair price: Before shopping used furniture in Denver, make sure you check out all local deals and be sure that buying secondhand isn’t going to be more expensive than buying new. You want to be sure you get a good price.

Best Places for used furniture in Denver, CO

There are so many options for used furniture shopping in Denver, you might feel overwhelmed. We narrowed down the long list to give you the best rated places to shop for thrift furniture in Denver.

Home Again Furniture, Inc. | Denver’s High End Secondhand Furniture Store

Home Again Furniture, Inc. is a great place to start your used furniture search. They have over 10,000 square feet filled with mid- to high-end antiques, knickknacks, decor, and more. There are lots of perks to shopping at Home Again: they only buy from non-smoker homes, they work hard to be a bed bug free place of business, and they deliver! That’s a lot of worry off your plate. They are very discerning with the pieces they carry, and customers rave about the quality of service. You’ll find gently used couches, beds, dining tables and more. Need to sell some of your own furniture? Ask them about consignment!

1900 W. Mississippi Ave. Denver, CO 80223, (303) 935-4889

H & E Used Furniture | Best For Vintage Furniture

For almost 30 years, H & E has been a favorite Denver used furniture store. Customers love their unique assortment that caters to every style from antique to retro to mid century, and beyond. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Just ask – they might be able to help you find it! They offer amazing vintage, previously owned, and restored pieces, so if you’re purchasing furniture from a Denver thrift store due to style preferences, this is a great place to go. H & E has sharp pricing, and they go above and beyond what other used furniture retailers offer – they even repair lamps! H & E is open 7 days a week, and is also home to a cute used book shop.

6443 E Evans Ave, Denver, CO 80222, (303) 388-4248

Habitat ReStore | Affordable Secondhand Furniture

denver restore

A favorite amongst thrift shoppers, Habitat ReStore has quality products and a great purpose for driving their business. Shopping at Habitat ReStore is always a good idea. Not only do they sell home furnishings, appliances, lighting and more, you can feel good about your purchase. Profits from Habitat ReStore support Habitat for Humanities efforts to aid low-income families. You won’t just be able to furnish your home, you’ll be able to find home improvement items too! You’ll be able to shop for cabinets, flooring, windows and doors, HVAC items, and even plumbing fixtures.

70 Rio Grande Blvd. Denver, CO 80223, (303) 722-5863

Rare Finds Warehouse | Vintage Antiques in Denver

Rare Finds has been furnishing Denver homes since 2010. At first a wholesale business, owners Tony Wilson and Brad Grunewald quickly opened their doors to everyday shoppers looking for eclectic, high-end furnishings. They now travel the world in search of the unique pieces that fill their two locations. You’ll spend hours admiring truly unique items from all around the globe here. In addition to their international finds, they have tons of vintage and antique furniture and decor. Another factor that sets Rare Finds apart is their custom warehouse, where their builders can help you build tables, desks, benches, doors, shelving units, and even fireplace mantles from scratch.

6500 E Stapleton Dr S Unit A, Denver, CO 80216, (303) 990-9311

Treasures Outlet | Top-Rated Secondhand Denver Furniture Store

used furniture in denver

The name says it all – Treasures Outlet is filled with antique and vintage treasures! The vintage and antique items here date back to the Civil War era. You’ll find furniture, lighting, jewelry, clothing, collectibles, oddities, and everything in between. The inventory here is updated often, so every trip is a new adventure. Check their Instagram feed to see all the fun! If you’re looking for a unique style, this is the place to go. You’ll definitely find one of a kind pieces that you wouldn’t see otherwise.

4949 Lowell Blvd, Denver, CO 80221, (303) 561-4949

Finding Used Furniture in Denver Online

If you’re looking for used furniture in the Denver area, check out the online marketplaces for some great quality items. Look at Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and OfferUp.

Finding Used Office Furniture in Denver

If you’re furnishing an office, sticking to a budget is surely on your mind. Buying second hand office furniture is a great way to save your company money. Office furniture is typically used more gently, since businesses usually update more frequently than homeowners. Better yet, going the used route cuts down on waste – companies love green options! If you’ve been tasked with finding used office furniture for your workplace, check out these great places:

Do Used Furniture Stores in Denver deliver?

Denver used furniture retailers don’t always deliver. Sure, you can load up your new pieces in a borrowed or rented truck, but the best way to ensure your purchase gets home safely is to hire a professional. Our expert, affordable Denver movers are happy to help you get your new (to you) items into your new location. Give us a call today to discuss!

Used Furniture in Denver Map

Will you be furnishing a new home or workplace in Denver soon? Our expert Denver movers are ready to help do the heavy lifting for you! Call Wasatch Moving today at 720-798-2878 for a free quote!


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