now available at our Davis and Utah County locations


Benefits of Using the Buku Box


Most people toss out cardboard boxes once they move, thinking they’ll never use it again. There they sit in landfills for years. Buku Boxes on the other hand, can be used and reused hundreds of times. So let’s stop the madness and save some trees!


Save buku bucks with Buku Box! Not only are Buku Boxes more convenient, they are more affordable too!

Easy to Use

Delivered right to your door! No tape required, the Buku Boxes are ready to pack! . They fit snug into one another, like the hands of two people who are in love. You’ll never go back to another cardboard box again. Offered through our Utah County location


The Buku Box is built from high quality industrial grade plastic. It’s durability can withstand up to 500 moves! Your belongings will be better protected with Buku Box than any flimsy cardboard box.

Service Areas

Based out of Utah County, Salt Lake County, and Davis County, We offer moving services all over the state of Utah, including commercial moving and specialty item moving services as well as packing & unpacking and assembly & disassembly of your big furniture items.

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