When it comes to packing up everything you own to move to a new place, not all items should be packed the same. If you’re an avid reader, you know from your past moving experiences that moving books can be a bit of a pain. After all, books add up to a lot of weight, and you’re going to be worried about covers and pages getting ruined. Packing up your personal library should be done with care and appreciation, so that the condition of the books that you love stays nice for years to come. Here are some tips on how to properly pack your library for a move...

No matter how excited you are to move, it can be a stressful ordeal. Packing up your entire life, even just to move across town, can make anyone want to pull all of their hair out. If you have the opportunity to make your move just a little bit easier, you should snatch it up. Easier is better. Here are a few of our favorite moving hacks that will make not only your move easier, but also your first few days in your new home just a bit easier, too.

Packing up your garage is one of the most awkward rooms of your home to pack up, and often, one of the last ones to get packed up. In our last blog post we shared some of our favorite tips, such as what items you should get rid of, and the types of materials you need to pack everything from your garage up safely for your move. Now comes the hard part; actually packing up your garage.

One of the last rooms to be packed up in a move, is the garage. It’s an awkward room to pack up. It’s often filled with seasonal storage items, clunky items that are covered in grease, and things that honestly just don’t have a real place in your home. All of this makes it hard to pack it up effectively for a move. If you’re struggling to get your garage packed up for your move, here are a few of our favorite tips!

Many of us take a good inventory of our belongings before a major move and pare down our possessions as much as possible, but even then, sometimes we plan on moving with things that should really be left behind. Because sometimes it’s more practical to part with certain items than it is to keep them during a major move, here is a look at five things you should plan on ditching the next time you move.