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Senior Relocation Services in Salt Lake City with Wasatch Moving Co.

A senior is someone who is at the age of retiring from their job, and who may be slowing down. Those who are older have special needs and desires, and they may be looking for a new property or moving into a retirement community. Some older adults may be looking to relocate because they want to downsize. They don’t want to waste time doing the heavy lifting. Sometimes, old men and women don’t live close to family and may not have a lot of help. Or, it’s possible that they’re moving from their home after many years. No matter the reasons that led to the decision, the best Salt Lake City senior moving company is one that will take care of you.

Wasatch Moving Co. has plenty of experience with Salt Lake City area senior moving services. With over 100 reviews and an average of 4.8 stars, trust us to make your transition go smoothly. We have the expertise, care, and trustworthiness that people look for when relocating elderly adults.

Why Are Seniors Using Salt Lake City Senior Moving Companies?

There are many reasons that elders are journeying to a new home. Many people have spent years in their homes, but once their children are all grown, they realize it’s just too big. Friends and family move away, and many moves for older persons are because they want to be closer to their friends and family again. Other elders want to downsize into a smaller home that isn’t too much to clean. Not to mention, many older adults look into relocating to an active retirement community. Whether you want to play more golf, socialize with friends, or have health issues that need more attention, Wasatch Moving Co. is the Salt Lake City senior mover to call.

We help relocate elderly single adults and couples to smaller homes, active retirement communities, nursing homes, or to their family’s home. Wasatch Moving Co. is the Salt Lake City senior moving company ready to help you or your loved ones get to their next residence.

Considerations For Using Salt Lake City Senior Movers

We understand that Salt Lake City moves for seniors can be overwhelming or scary. It’s a big life change, and it takes special consideration while working with them. For both elderly adults and their families, it’s something that they’ve never done before. Most older adults are heading out of a home that they’ve spent many years in. There are plenty of memories in that home, and saying goodbye can be a difficult process. That’s why our Salt Lake senior moving specialist is here to ease the pain of packing those things up by communicating effectively with you or your loved ones.

Since many older people are downsizing their homes, that means a lot needs to be sorted and organized. Not everything will be kept, and if you’re hiring an SLC senior moving company to help pack belongings up, you need one that’s empathetic to the changes happening. Older people may not have family near to help organize and sort things as well, making this even harder on them.

There are also those who may have underlying health issues that prevent them from packing efficiently. Knowing that they don’t have the stamina needed to organize, pack, and lift all of their belongings is another area of stress. Senior moving assistance in Salt Lake City should be quick, efficient, and empathetic to everything these patriarchs are facing.

Top Reasons to Hire A Salt Lake Area Senior Relocation Company

Hiring a Salt Lake senior mover can make things a lot easier when it comes to relocating. Instead of asking neighbors for help, you can have the items efficiently packed and organized by professionals. Wasatch Moving Company’s Salt Lake senior moving services include packing up your belongings, organizing, decluttering things that you may no longer need, and downsizing assistance. These services help adults to go through their belongings and decide what to keep and what to donate or get rid of. Then, Wasatch Moving Co. can store anything you want to keep in our storage facility. We can also assemble and disassemble furniture to make it easier to relocate.

Elderly persons can also work directly with senior move managers. These individuals are licensed by the National Association of Senior Move Managers. These experts can help you or your loved one organize and declutter their homes. They also plan the new floor plan of the new residence you’re moving into, which can be a great help. After you finish working with a senior move manager, our company provides moving help for senior citizens in the Salt Lake City area. We’ll come in afterward and pack, transfer the items to the truck, and set them up in the new place according to the manager’s plans.

Cost of Hiring a Salt Lake City Senior Moving Company

The cost of changing homes with a SLC senior mover will depend on a number of factors. We always give you an upfront free price quote after learning what you need help with. Wasatch Moving Co. is a full-service Salt Lake City based senior moving company. That means we can do everything from packing to setting up the new home. Since there are many senior moving services in SLC that we offer, we’ll have to give you an estimate over the phone.

When you call us, we’ll talk about the job and what you need from us. Are you working with a SLC senior moving management company? Or, do you need help organizing your belongings before changing your address? All of these factors will go into our estimated price. We base our prices on:

  • Whether it’s a local or long distance move
    • Local is an hourly charge
    • Long distance is a flat-rate charge
  • Which senior moving services in SLC you need help with
  • How organized your belongings are
  • Whether you have your own packing supplies or use ours

Choosing the Best SLC Senior Mover

It can be overwhelming trying to find an SLC based senior moving company for yourself or your loved ones. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to find the best Salt Lake senior moving company for you.

  • Look at their ratings on Google and Yelp (we’re rated 4.8 stars!)
  • Talk to their customer service to make sure you feel comfortable with them
  • Always find out if the company is licensed and insured (like we are!)
  • Look at their stats to find out how many jobs they do each year (we’ve completed over 10,000 moves with over 40 employees)

Ready For Your SLC Senior Move? Call Wasatch Moving Co.

At Wasatch Moving Co. we’re standing by ready to help make your SLC senior move go smoothly. Give us a call at 801-335-5603 or fill out the form to request a free quote today!

Trustworthy movers ready to help our seniors move.

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