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Hiring Salt Lake City Moving Help & Moving Labor

There was a time when your chosen moving company either handled every aspect of your relocation or nothing at all. We’re pleased to say those days are long gone. There’s no need to pay for a full-service move if you have the resources and ability to transport your belongings yourself. You can save money by utilizing your own property (or rental services like U-Haul) while reaping all the benefits of hiring Salt Lake City moving help. We understand people need help moving, so when you hire Wasatch for your moving labor help, we’ll handle all of your relocation’s complicated, stressful aspects; you just get to sit back and enjoy your relaxing drive. If you need help moving, We service all of Salt Lake City, all of the Salt Lake City metropolitan area, and Salt Lake, Utah, and Davis counties.

What do labor-only Salt Lake City movers do? They provide all the same services of a full-service move, just minus the truck and the driver (and the added price.) Your Salt Lake City moving help will provide some serious relocation expertise and experience. Expect your SLC moving assistance to pack your belongings, load your furniture in your U-Haul (or other rentals), provide tools and equipment, offer customer support, and even help with the schedule details. Your movers will do everything except transport your belongings from point A to point B.
Benefits of Salt Lake City moving helpers:


Moving is notoriously inconvenient, and while an exciting time in your life, constant planning can really damper the rest of your plans. You can avoid all of that when you hire professional Salt Lake City moving helpers.


When hiring Salt Lake City furniture moving helpers, you can pick and choose the services, making your relocation journey all the more desirable.

Whether you want your SLC moving labor help to assist with load or unload help, you need local moving help, UHaul moving help (or UHaul movers), or just overall moving assistance, your chosen team will work with you and help with moving your belongings to your new home.


When you utilize labor for moving, you have the flexibility of hiring help based on the number of hours you’ll require. Once your belongings are loaded, your team can help you unload them.


Relocating can be dangerous if you’re not a trained professional. Furniture is heavy and, with one fell swoop, can easily cause damage to you or your property.


Moving equipment is expensive, and when you hire local moving help, your Salt Lake City furniture moving helper has all the necessary tools and resources, resulting in a stress-free experience for you.

Saves time

There’s nothing more time-consuming than picking up your entire life and moving it across the Country (or state/city). This is why Salt Lake City Moving labor services provides customer support, scheduling assistance, and a hardworking team to assist you—no matter the distance.

Moving is more complicated than it looks

Transitioning to a new city may seem simple enough, but chances are there are a lot of factors you didn’t even realize to consider. If you’ve realized you need help moving or load and unload help, hire Salt Lake City moving labor services – we promise you won’t regret it.

Less chance of any damage when you seek Salt Lake City movers for hire

When you have professionals handling the heavy lifting, the chances of damaged items drops substantially. Breaking keep-sakes is one of the challenging factors in a DIY relocation, and it's bound to happen at some point.

You can expect these services when you hire moving help. What professional moving helpers do:

Packing and unpacking

Your professional moving helpers pack and unpack all the belongings you desire.

Assembly and disassembly of furniture

When you hire local moving help, they’ll have the knowledge and expertise to disassemble and reassemble even the most intricate furniture pieces.

Loading the truck, container, etc.

Do you need to load your moving truck, container, or pod? Your movers will provide load help.

Unloading the truck, container, etc.

The same goes for unloading; your hired expert will also help unloading moving truck or help loading moving truck.

Provide the same services as full-service moving, without the transportation/truck.

In short, expect every service you could receive during a full-service move to be provided during your labor-only move.

We bring all supplies, tools, property protective gear

No need to waste money on supplies and gear you’ll only use once or twice in your life; professional moves provide everything.

Movers are trained, professional, experienced, efficient, etc.

Most of all, your movers are trained professionals who know what to do and when to do it – hiring moving help results in a quick, affordable, efficient relocation.

Reasons for Hiring Moving Help in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is a great place to call home; between the great school districts, quiet, safe neighborhoods, and an affordable cost of living, it’s no wonder it’s one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. However, before taking on this journey alone, let’s discuss why you should hire SLC moving help.

Load/unload a moving container

Moving help will load your belongings onto the transportation option you’ve chosen, whether it be a moving truck, Pod, Pack, Rat, or Reloc Cube. 

People prefer moving containers over moving trucks for numerous reasons. For example, they’re cost-efficient and flexible. Most container companies prove a driver, meaning after you hire SLC moving help, you won’t have to lift a finger. They’re flexible because you can order the containers one at a time as they fill up – no wasted space (or money).

Truck rental loading/unloading

People opt for truck rentals because they provide flexibility while being cost-efficient. They’re common in small to medium size relocations, like a small dorm or apartment move, considering you won’t need the space of an entire specialized moving truck provided in a full-service move.

Popular truck rental companies are Uhaul, Budget, Penske, and Enterprise.

Freight trailer loading - freight moving companies

Freight trailers are a great option for hybrid movers, and they don’t have to be there to drive their belongings physically, but they still have the independence to hire SLC moving help. Freight trailers are loaded by your moving help, then shipped (or transported) from the origin to the destination. They’re commonly used in longer or interstate moves.

Self storage move-in & move-out

When you utilize companies that offer help with moving services, professionals can move your belongings in and out of storage units. For example, if you’re downsizing, your home isn’t ready, or you need extra space.


Packing is a tedious task, and when you hire labor for moving workers, they handle this aspect of the relocation. 

Remodel a home

If you’ve never done a remodel, we’re going to let you in on a little secret; things get hectic, and while it’s an entirely exciting time, sometimes it’s best to have some of the larger appliances, furniture, or beloved belongings out of the way. This is why hiring labor-only moving help is a great option.

Cost of Hiring Salt Lake City Moving Helpers

The cost of an SLC relocation will vary depending on numerous factors, and moving help is priced entirely differently than a full-service move. To get the most accurate moving quote for your Salt Lake City moving help by the hour, we suggest reaching out to your chosen company. 

Wasatch Moving will price your moving help on these parameters:
When Salt Lake City moving help by the hour is performed by Wasatch Moving it’s priced fair and affordable.

Hire Wasatch Moving for Salt Lake City Moving Help

When searching for moving help, a few things deem a company reliable, trustworthy, and the right choice for your relocation. 

Before deciding on a relocation team, ask yourself a few questions. Are they licensed and insured? How are their local move help reviews? How many years have they been in business? What’s their claims rate? Do they have exceptional customer service?

Wasatch Moving has been serving Salt Lake City, all of the Salt Lake City metropolitan area, and Salt Lake, Utah, and Davis counties for over eight years; we have five locations, over 40 employees, and a 4.6 rating on Yelp and Google reviews; we have the expertise, manpower, and equipment to be your Salt Lake City moving labor help!

Tips & Resources for Salt Lake City DIY Moving

Useful resources for taking on a Salt Lake City DIY move: If you’re seeking help moving to or from Salt Lake City, or any other Salt Lake City moving labor Help, Wasatch moving can provide a free moving estimate. Call today at (801) 758-0030 to discuss your moving parameters.