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Senior Relocation Services in Salt Lake City with Wasatch Moving

No matter what the circumstances, relocations, be they residential or commercial and long or short distance, are almost always difficult and time-consuming affairs. But nowhere is that more true than during a senior move, where older individuals are involved.

But just what is a senior, and why are moves with seniors involved tougher than normal ones anyway? Seniors are those who are generally considered to be of old age – that will hardly surprise anyone – but just what “old age” means officially can vary from state to state and even institution to institution. Generally speaking, someone who is 65 years old or older is considered a senior, as that is the typical age of retirement.

Relocations involving older people can be hard for numerous reasons we elucidate upon below, but be assured that Wasatch Moving has loads of experience with this type of situation, and has the tools and training to make sure your move for a senior goes without a hitch!

Wasatch Moving services not only just SLC, but all of the Salt Lake City Metropolitan area, as well as the Salt Lake, Utah, and Davis counties!

Why Are Seniors Using Salt Lake City Senior Moving Companies?

While it would certainly be reasonable to expect elderly people to not be moving around much, you’d be surprised at just how often senior citizens relocate to new homes! See below for a variety of reasons that older people choose to move, and why you’re better served using a professional senior mover for the job!

Probably the most common reason the elderly choose to move somewhere is to be closer to, or cohabitate with, friends and/or family. In a similar vein, they will also typically move for health reasons, so as to be near people who can help them with their condition, or to climates better suited for them. Downsizing and better quality of life are also common reasons.

As for where older citizens move to, choices may vary. Sometimes, seniors simply move to a smaller home for easier management and movement. Retirement communities are also common choices, as well as moving in with family. No matter the situation, there are many considerations that must be taken into account for moves for seniors.

Considerations For Using Salt Lake City Senior Movers

As we’ve said before, there are many important things that must be considered when undertaking a senior move. Moreso than most other kinds of moves, moves involving the elderly have the potential to be very difficult without proper precautions! What sort of problems will a senior face during a move?

As with any other relocation, planning is paramount! Be sure you have everything in order before you even attempt a senior relocation service – a professional moving planner certainly would help in this matter!

With particular respect to moves involving the elderly, downsizing is something that must be strongly considered. While most moves involve at least some amount of downsizing, moves involving the elderly tend to involve this process even more heavily. Over the course of a long life, you tend to accumulate quite a number of things, after all! These items will have to be sorted, and determined if they should stay or be sold or disposed of. As the homes seniors will move into will typically be on the smaller side, this process is certainly more important than usual.

Something else to consider while undertaking a senior move is what state the older individual will leave the home in. As we age, things like maintaining a home become harder and harder, and thus the old home can often be in worsened condition as a result. This obviously will not matter for the new residence, but will certainly matter for selling the old one! Don’t overlook this vital step!

Top Reasons to Hire A Salt Lake City Area Senior Relocation Company

Some might wonder why they might want to hire a professional mover for their senior relocation in the first place – after all, don’t full-service moving companies charge quite a bit for their services? Take it from us, though: every relocation is tougher than it initially appears, like cars in a rear-view mirror, and the last place you want to be is facing an immense job on moving day with no preparation or help!

Like any other move, hiring professionals for a senior move has many benefits, many of which are shared with the aforementioned “any other move”. First and foremost is peace of mind, because nothing relieves stress like having a team of professional and experienced moving guys doing everything on your behalf! Secondly is time and convenience, something in short supply when doing a DIY move.

In terms of senior moves specifically, that crew of moving men will be doubly useful! Many elderly people are not as spry as they used to be, so things like loading, assembly, and packing will be hard, and storage near impossible.

Additionally, Wasatch Moving employs a specially-trained senior move manager, whose experience will be invaluable when it comes to managing a move for a senior citizen. Don’t stress yourself out – call Wasatch Moving for your SLC senior moving service!

Cost of Hiring a Salt Lake City Senior Moving Company

Senior moves are like any other move in that there is a wide breadth of variables that affect the final price of the move.

Here are just a few of the factors that will affect the final price you pay for your relocation:
There are few reliable ways to know how much a senior moving company will cost until you contact the company themselves. Either give your company a call or fill out any online quote forms they have for a reliable estimate on what you’ll be paying for a senior moving service. The right company will give you great service for an affordable price!

Choosing the Best Salt Lake City Senior Mover

While a professional and high-rated senior moving service will absolutely make an experience like this a breeze, hiring the wrong one is liable to end in disaster! Don’t worry – with the right research, you certainly will hire the right one! See our recommended research tips below!

First of all, check the prospective company you wish to hire on Google or Yelp for reviews. See how long they’ve been in business, and what their claims rate is. Make sure all their licensing and insurance is in proper order, and check out how good their customer service is.

Even if you end up doing all the proper research, it can still feel like a leap of faith to finally choose a company. Don’t take that leap blindly: Wasatch Moving is by far the best option in the SLC area! We have been making customers happy since 2014, and our reviews on Google speak to our excellent customer service and well-trained and trustworthy crews! For a senior moving service, there’s just no compare to Wasatch Moving!

Wasatch Moving brings service to Salt Lake City, all of the Salt Lake City Metropolitan area, and Salt Lake, Utah, and Davis counties!

Need a senior move done, and not sure who’s right for the job? Give us a call at 801-758-0030 or fill out the form on our web page to get your free quote today. Wasatch Moving will make your move, and that’s our guarantee!